(bĭ-lông′ĭng, -lŏng′-)  n.

1. Acceptance as a natural member or part: a sense of belonging.

2. belongings - Personal items that one owns; possessions.

What began as an exercise in finding meaning amongst material possessions, MYBELONGING has gradually evolved to what it is now - a state of mind. an extension of an interactive conversation on what it means to be essentially and unapologetically you. 



[Tommy’s] distinctive manner of dress manages to show off the best of both worlds—equal measures Los Angeles laissez faire and New York refinement. With My Belonging, he also masters the balancing act of sharing on-point fashion tips with insightful personal reflections.
— The Window by Barney's New York
Ph: Kaleb Khu / Fervorr Magazine

Ph: Kaleb Khu / Fervorr Magazine

Hong Kong-raised and LA-based, my name is Tommy Lei. I am a multi-hyphenated creative who has a passionate appreciation for the finer details and things in life: hotel hopping, immersive travel, private dining engagements and curated experiences.

Often times, I cause a bit of commotion and controversy along the way by wearing pieces from my curated and unisex wardrobe; I call this Styletelling - the art of merging style and personal identity through a visual dialogue about high fashion and lifestyle - from my heart to yours. My professional past as a digital marketer + content producer have also enabled me to freely cross-over into creative, branding and image consultancy work. Interested? Holler here.

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