Having bought this blazer almost two years ago, I foolishly thought that this will be one of those "trendy" pieces I'll be wearing in an outfit and inevitably fade to obscurity. To my surprise, it hasn't. Instead it has evolved into a statement item that is transformative, makes any outfit I put together instantly fresh and has been worn periodically since then. Time and time again, I stress that cost-per-wear is an important aspect of how I typically invest in my wardrobe. To think I'd emphasize that same mantra for a floral blazer from Zara is a bit shocking - but an investment for every budget is not a bad thing at all.
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Hope you enjoyed the quick update! I'm currently still in Vegas and conducting some major sole searching at MAGIC's FNPlatform - please follow me along on Instagram for on the floor updates! I'll be updating this space with some very exciting finds and more announcements soon. Can't wait to share!




Sometimes the loudest statements are the simplest. And that's the kind of vibe LZZR Jewelry evokes with its minimalist, architectural designs.



Our tastebuds have been so lucky lately. We were fortunate enough to be amongst the first to try Commissary, the newest addition to the esteemed roster of restaurants at The LINE Hotel as well as Roy Choi's ever-growing legacy as restauranteur and culinary visionary. On a sunny Thursday evening and amid the clamor of both guests and staff alike, we quietly gazed and soaked up the greenhouse ambience that is unlike any restaurant experience we've encountered before. There was an immediate sense of community with fellow patrons and connection to the green surroundings - all around you are specially curated plants, flora and fauna, refinished wooden furniture and old-school ceiling fans. I am confident that anyone, including ourselves, who walked in that day forged a special relationship with the place and space.

The meal itself was nothing short of incredible. We were captivated right from the beginning with delicious cocktails served in take-out deli containers, which are such an interesting homage to the working class spirit. (The irony is that you sadly can't take them out.) My libation recommendation goes to the Pimp's Cup - a refreshing concoction of rhubarb, shiso leaf, cucumber and ginger. For our appetizer course: a hearty serving of their signature deviled eggs that taste exactly how it should be. No fuss, no superfluous condiments. And that's exactly what Commissary excels in - highlighting the main ingredient. This process held true for the rest of our courses, as we enjoyed a perfectly-seared black seabass that is exploding with flavor to the tender steak doused in an A1 Tabasco sauce. Simply sublime doesn't even begin to describe it. The next big surprise had to be the dessert - candied rhubarb cubes atop of a meringue in a key lime sauce. Trés magnifique.

The Commissary is the consummate farm-to-table experience that is uniquely its own. Complete with cool amenities and its sister restaurants at The LINE Hotel, this joint is officially open for bidnessssss. Now go get it!

Commissary at The LINE Hotel
3515 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Takes reservations, only open at 5pm for dinner (breakfast and lunch menus coming soon)


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