We've finally found our monastic calling after an intimate visit at the Chapter studios. See what we discovered through our eyes, after the jump.

The Fall/Winter 2014 collection is primarily inspired by Brutalism, an architectural movement that is wholly dedicated to finding strength in severity. As a result, the clothes evoke a kind of sartorial zen or "silent confidence," as Devin, Chapter's creative director, so poignantly stated.

This is the common thread that holds the brand's DNA together with its harmonious balance of design and function, whether it's a pleated fold on a blazer or exposed zipper on the leg of a trouser pant. No detail is ever superfluous, but rather lends to the overall structure and purpose of the garment.

Our appreciation for brands, much like Chapter, continues to grow tremendously. Through these studio visits, we've gained deeper insights as to what makes the backbone of a brand and why the clothes command our attention. So let us take a moment and allow the clothes to speak for themselves.


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  1. Nice dress, I actually ordered a dress from a famous designer’s bridal collection as well for double the price and returned it immediately because the material felt so cheap compared to the my other one.

  2. how awesome is this, I wish I could don a great collection like this. I that its minimal but poignant at the same time. Good post.


  3. Love what the clothing evokes! What a wonderful idea and concept. On the plus side, purely as a visual, they look great.