My First Time on Wow Air: An Honest Review

TLDR: It turned out to be more pleasant than I had anticipated.

If you’ve been following my presence on this site and Instagram, you should know by now that 2016 was a remarkable year of travels for me. 2017 seems to be starting off on just the same note. Just a week prior to the onset of the New Year, I found out that I was about to embark on my first travel adventure in 2017. I would be flying out to Iceland and Great Britain through Wow Air

Pro-tip: Pack light to avoid incurring any unwanted fees. Educate yourself on all the restrictions for Wow Air. 

Both countries have been longtime destinations on my travel bucket list, so to speak. Iceland, with its boundless natural surroundings and unparalleled architectural; London, with its royal pedigree, steeped in history, and cosmopolitan modernity. It was a dream come true.

We boarded our flights early on the morning of 1/3, thus beginning our 8 hour flight into the epic tundra of Iceland. When we arrived, I felt immediately welcomed by the Icelandic warmth and hospitality. This was, in fact, quite common as Icelanders are rather honest in their approach when it comes to just about everything. We had similar encounters at Dunkin’ Donuts, a fast food joint, to the upscale at Fiskmarkadurinn, where they ward us off certain dishes that weren’t seasonal or fresh.


There is no first class, but there is a "front row" with more restrooms.   

There is no first class, but there is a "front row" with more restrooms. 

The amount of leg room is extraordinary, even when compared to some luxury airlines. 

Get The Facts

Before I delve a bit deeper into my trip, I want to begin my experiences with Wow Air by stating a few universal facts that everyone who is remotely active on social media might already be aware of: 

  • Wow Air is an Reykjavik, Iceland-based economy airline (similar to Southwest here in the US and WestJet in Canada) that offers ridiculously good deals on round trip flights basically to Europe from major international airports around the world. In fact you could catch a flight right now for $69 from LAX to select European destinations (like London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and yes, Iceland!) -- with a free layover in Reykjavik. A two-hour dip in the Blue Lagoon does sound rather nice, especially during wintry travels for the next few months!
  • Wow Air has similar flight options available on the East Coast of the US in New York, Boston, Miami and Pittsburgh.
  • Wow Air, true to being an economy airline, means you pay for everything -- including your large or small carry-on, snacks and beverages. Duly note this and you'll be well-prepared!
  • Wow Air does not provide access to WiFi; on the bright side, this forced me to really buckle down, relax, get some rest and enjoy the flight without exhausting myself with work. 
  • Wow Air airplanes all come in standard models, like the popular Airbus A380.

The Keflavik Airport (KEF) was incredibly efficient -- the time it took us to go through security was a little over 5 minutes! It had me wishing that all airports could be the same (LAX, in particular). 

Pro-tip: Nandos is a Portuguese franchise that is renowned for their breakfasts. This is a must at London Gatwick International Airport

But what you may not know is Wow Air is perfectly safe and efficient. The phrase 'economy-airline' has been long muddled by a constant presence of inferior competitors. Wow Air completely changed my perspective, as I breezed through Reykjavik and, then later, London for London Fashion Week Men’s, with its attentive staff, vast legroom and spacious seats. In other words, they didn’t pack us in like sardines. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended) of my trips to Iceland and Great Britain. Stay tuned for, as I get into what I wore, what to see and where to eat in the next post. And as always, please let me know in the comments below on your experiences with economy airlines. Do you think Wow Air is enough to wow you?