These High-Fashion, Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneakers are Everything

When it came time to purchase a gift to commemorate my impending 30th birthday (alright, let's be honest, it is still 2 months away!), I couldn’t think of anything more iconic than a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes.


These. Are. Everything.

Louis Vuitton has become somewhat of a luxury cliche for well-off Asians and Asian-Americans alike over the past few decades. Yet the brand has staying power for many reasons. Why? Because even when trendy, its designs are unprecedented, high-quality and somehow still timeless. 

These elusive Archlight sneakers were an unexpected drop from the French house. They are oddly beautiful, but are also lumped into what is largely considered to be the ugly fashion sneaker movement. I am a proud of advocate of this movement, because I’ve always loved being and feeling different. With a hint of nostalgic reference to the 90s -- a time when funky and chunky sneakers reigned supreme. Standing out in a sea of Jordans and Yeezys, as I say. There's nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward.

Aging and quite frankly, not giving a damn, has never felt better. 

These Louis Vuitton archlight sneakers are mostly sold out, unfortunately, but you can still cop them on Grailed or a direct line to a sales associate at Louis Vuitton HQ!