Confession: It's True - I Love McDonald's #AllDayBreakfast

I never thought I’d ever write - let alone, utter - those exact words. 

Yet, here we are in 2015 - McDonald’s finally caved and made the announcement that #AllDayBreakfast is now here for eternity!


While a stark contrast to high-brow, epicurean experiences that I normally gravitate towards, McDonald’s will always harbor a special, nostalgic place in my heart. This dates back to my first experience with the Happy Meal and big breakfast, as an immigrant child who saw McDonald’s as a beacon of the American dream and ultimate form of social currency amongst fellow peers.

Over the years, especially since my adolescence, my fast food consumption has become more sporadic - I usually opt for a kid’s meal during lunch on a crunch or sluggishly go through the drive-thru to cure my late-night hangovers with fries and a soft-served vanilla cone. 

Truer confessions have never been made in this space. 

But I remember always craving the possibility of McDonald’s at night. The delightful crunch of a hashbrown, fresh out of the frier, sound like heaven at 11pm. 

I could barely contain my excitement when #AllDayBreakfast was underway (am I the only person who has McDonald’s-related news on Google Alerts?), knowing life will never, ever be the same.

Since the debut of #AllDayBreakfast, I’ve had select breakfast items in a variety of combinations. The following are my top faves: 

The possibilities are what you make of it. Explore the full menu here to determine your next #AllDayBreakfast meal.  

Now it’s your turn to share your honest thoughts - are you down with #AllDayBreakfast?