All the Brands I Wore for Stockholm Fashion Week SS19


Just like that Fashion Month has come and gone. But on the Internet, everything lives forever. Here’s all the streetstyle outfits I put together for Stockholm Fashion Week SS19.

Out of all the respective fashion weeks that have been happening around the world this past month, Stockholm is definitely one that’s more chill, relaxed but still very specifically chic. We all know how the Swedes live by now, and their sense of fashion is no exception to the Lagom way of life. I’d like to think that I was able to channel my inner Swede with a personal touch through the outfits I wore throughout the week.

So feel free to click through each gif to directly learn more about the designer brands that I wore. You may know some of them already by heart.



You may or may not have noticed lately that the stories you’re seeing on the blog aren’t as personal or are frequently sponsor-related. That’s because your boy needs that much-needed coin to keep the shop open! It’s not always easy. But what I can reassure you is that there will be more telling, anecdotal stories coming in the funnel. I promise the next few entries will perhaps be the most personal yet. Stay tuned. You won’t regret sticking around :) xx T

*Special thanks to Visit Sweden and Visit Stockholm for bringing me to such a special Stockholm Fashion Week

Photography by Azusa Takano