A Self Love V-Day Gift Guide + Giveaway

Valentine's Day has never been a remarkable day for me. To be honest, this has been the case since  elementary school, where I first learned about St. Valentine and how unrequited love led to his sainthood. It still surprises me I had once exchanged silly cards with classmates and ate enough Smarties for adolescent-age tooth decay (thankfully, this didn't happen).

But in reality, Valentine's Day is just another excuse for us to indulge ourselves with flowers and chocolates in the name of love. Widespread commercialism at its best. And this season, I am going to do precisely just that.

Why? Because IDGAF no more.

Jk. It's because we should practice self-love during a day that continually forces us to look for validation out of desperation. 

So here's my solution to ease the heartache: 1) Buy myself a beautiful rose bouquet from Bouquet Bar that comes with dark chocolate truffles + scented candle, 2) and some from To Whom It May, a gourmet cannabis* chocolate brand! Chocolate (particularly the dark variety) can resolve anything and everything, after all, and is packed full with antioxidants. 

The only proper follow-up to all the chocolate binging would be a thorough deep tissue massage at The Now, which you can book right here. 

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be difficult or even unbearable. Make it a day for yourself, in the name of self-love.

*PS. I am also giving away a box of To Whom It May gourmet chocolates to one lucky winner. All you have to do is enter using the Gleam widget below. Participation is limited to regions and US states where cannabis usage is legal. 21+ and over please, as we will be checking. Deadline to enter is Monday, 2/20/17. Thank you!