Unisex Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

Jewelry holds a special place in my heart for numerous reasons - 1) They’re keepsake items that can be passed down as family heirlooms, 2) I’ve co-designed a capsule collection with LZZR Jewelry - an awesome unisex, architectural label based here in Los Angeles and 3) and they can effortlessly become an integral part of your style identity. But finding the right pieces can be daunting - for all genders. This is why I’ve spent the past few months scouring the internet and magazines to identify some of the most high-quality and relevant jewelry brands that cater to a unisex demographic. And it came down to two brands that I believe are pushing the envelope of artisanal, high-end quality at appealing, contemporary prices: 

Alice Made This

This UK-based brand has been on my radar for some time now. An opportunity came up where I got to give their pieces a test run. It was love at first touch. Here’s why: All Alice Made This products undergo a rigorous design and manufacturing processes - from industrial engineering-grade methods to incorporating aerospace and nano technology for a highly-polished metal finish. Some of this methodology dates back to 5000 years in history, namely the casting process that is done by a London-based, royal-warrant holder family. Everything you see on their website is made in Britain. 



A New York-based label, Bracaletti is a self-made company with humble beginnings founded by Roberto Sacal, whom comes from a family pedigree of fine leather goods and jewelry. Sacal didn’t plan on designing accessories for a living. However, while simultaneously building his career at Apple, Sacal spent many late nights during his spare time to form Bracaletti - a jewelry label that pays homage to his family’s history as jewelers. Thus, gorgeously-made silver bracelets and cufflinks were born into this world. Each piece is designed in New York and made by a renowned atelier in Mexico City. 

Honorary Mentions - LZZR Jewelry + 22 Design Studios

I still have pieces from both 22 Design Studio and LZZR Jewelry in heavy rotation. Each brand is distinctly-inspired by architecture and continues to hone their signature aesthetic at prices that are very appealing this gift-giving season. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this unisex jewelry holiday gifting guide tremendously - please let us know in the comments below what you think of jewelry and include some of your favorite brands so I can check them out!