From NYFWM to Vegas: My Travel Grooming and Hair Routine

Traveling can take a toll on your skin and hair.

It’s no surprise that one of the most unglamorous things about constant travel is how tolling it can be on your precious skin and hair. My oily-combination skin, as is characteristic of most Southeast Asians, is no exception. Long flights, recycled air, stress, anxiety and a grueling schedule can result in dehydrated skin, increased oil production and unexpected breakouts.

In my case, it only gets worse — I suffer from hyper-pigmentation, a skin condition where pimple and acne scars are discolored. All these skin disruptions and annoyances can heavily impact they way I carry myself during fashion week, from being in front of the camera to interacting with clients during meetings. To keep these skin conditions at bay, I rely on Baxter of California’s Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 15 and their Under Eye Complex. The eye-cream gives just the right amount of lift and moisture. Their uniquely-formulated ingredients were essential to my fashion week skin’s routine and almost-pristine appearance.


Without a doubt, my hair, my mane accessory, has to stay looking voluminous and fly all week long as well. There’s no question that Baxter of California, given its reputation for excellent hair grooming products, blesses me with the most sculpted and stylized hair throughout fashion week. Its ever-popular, clay pomade imbues my hair with just enough hold and a matted finish, followed up by a quick burst of the Clay Effect Spray, and you’ve got stunning hair all day long. As evidenced by the follow photos, from day to night (with the occasional touch up in between).


Fast forward to present day, I found myself in an entirely desert dry climate. Think chilly weather in a dry and windy environment. This called for something even more rigorous and intensive for my skincare routine. Baxter of California’s Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream came to my rescue more times than I can count as my skin desperately needed some deep-quenching. I slather it on liberally in the AM and the PM to ensure optimally moisturized, dewy skin throughout the day. (Pro-tip: Make sure you don’t forget about the neck and give that area some much-needed pampering).



Having a consistent skincare and grooming routine is even more crucial on-the-go, due to changing climates and conditions. I am grateful that Baxter of California’s arsenal of products have given me a set routine that’s easy to follow and maintain. What are your go-to essentials during your travels? Please share in the comments below!