A Safe Way to Get Around in New York City


Well, in my opinion, at least. 

Earlier last week, I was in NYC for a business trip. It was sweltering hot to say the least, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to explore all that the city has to offer. (Pro-tip: My solution is to hop from one uberPOOL to another. It’s a great way to soak up the city ambience at a fraction of riding solo.)

My client had booked me a room for a few nights at the chic, luxury boutique hotel — 11 Howard. The most idyllic hotel fitting enough for any New York socialite or, in my case, a recovering minimalist with a penchant for the most delicious buttermilk chicken tenders from Le Coucou. My hotel is centrally located in SoHo and, while there is plenty to do, that didn't stop me from discovering old and new places alike. 


On any given trip in the city, I always make it a point to go to my favorite Japanese tea house — Cha An — in St. Marks Pl. This tea house is like a time capsule. The tranquility, service and food remains the same; it consistently delivers. Despite the price hike, I still love coming here! Another place I stopped by on this trip to the city was The Anton Kern Gallery, where they are currently exhibiting Martin Creed’s interactive balloon room. Fair word of warning: you will get staticky as you wade through the room full of yellow balloons. Be considerate of who you touch next! 


As per usual a quick (and most cooling) way for me to get back to my hotel is on an Uber. The heat can be so cruel during the summer months in the city that taking the subway is just not an option unless one wants to sweat through their clothes. I can’t take that chance, especially when I am around my client and at other prospective, business meetings. And with Stress-Free Pick Ups by Uber, I know I can always rely on being picked up even in the midst of a bustling, crowded street. I also make sure to correspond with my driver, over Pickup Messages, about my pink hair and standout outfits to ensure he/she never mistakes me for another person! (Believe me, it has happened before). 


Although I travel enough to the city (enough to be considered bi-coastal) and was a former resident during my college years, I can never resist walking through Times Square when the crowds are much more tolerable  at night. There's something about the ambience, the noise, the vibe -- you truly get a real essence of what NYC is. And despite the massive crowds, it's still relatively easy to catch an Uber ride as long as you keep your live location for the driver to locate your exact position. 

Now that's how you get around NYC as efficiently and safely as possible. Everything is simply a short Uber ride away


What do you guys think? Do you use Uber quite often in NYC or your own local metropolitan area? Please let me know what you think in the comments below!