The Laylow: A Luxe Boutique Hotel with a Lanai


Looking for a vacation from your vacation? A hotel home that comes complete with a Lanai? 

Look no further. It starts here at The Laylow.

There’s a first time for everything, such as writing a hotel review from the bar of where you’re staying for a week-long vacation. My time here at The Laylow is gradually but slowing coming to an end. Much like sipping that last mai tai as the iridescent, purple sun sets over the horizon of
Waikiki Beach. 

This all makes sense here at the Laylow — where island standard time takes centerstage. Everything moves about in the slowest, serene pace possible.

As the ever-entrepreneurial spirit, I find it incredibly difficult to impede the urge to work. Yet this somehow makes sense as I haphazardly type away on the keyboard while juggling a cocktail or two at the Hideout. Or bowling over heaps of bulgogi, cucumber kimchee and rice. This all makes sense here at The Laylow — where island standard time takes centerstage. Everything moves about in the slowest, serene pace possible. That’s the magic of being in Hawaii, the land of luaus, leis and utterly blissful days.

My time on this beautiful, boutique property has purely consisted of me being a professional sloth, whether it’s building an intimate rapport with the bartenders and growing my tab at the Hideout or crawling across the street to perhaps one of my favorite udon joints of all time — Marukame Udon! Heaven on earth can exist in many forms. And vacations are the perfect time to discover neighborhood gems that keeps you coming back for more.


The Lanai Experience

A home from home experience awaits you at The Laylow, where most rooms come with its own lanai (essentially, an intimate living space that extends into a porch or veranda area). I made the most out of this by hosting a bubbly evening with dear friends who also happened to be traveling in Hawaii at the same time. This is a great way to truly make yourself feel at home in a hotel space. And The Laylow made that so much easier than ever with such a functional but chic space. 

Have I mentioned that the Laylow provides free HBO GO that comes complimentary in every room? If that doesn’t put some haste in your next hotel booking in Oahu, Hawaii, I don’t know what else will. Sometimes, what we truly need is a vacation on your vacation. I simply love a hotel that is designed to feel like home away from home. And I took full advantage of that inside my corner suite that is well-appointed and cleverly partitioned. Every nook and cranny of the suite had a sense of aesthetic and purpose. Courtesy of the OMFGCO and a family of staff who embodies the Aloha spirit through and through.





The Laylow experience could be summarized in one phrase — a vacation upon a vacation. It’s your relaxing abode. Your sanctuary gateway as you properly unwine from an itinerary-packed getaway. I highly recommend looking into and booking the laylow for your next vacation or stay in Waikiki, Hawaii!

Address | 2299 Kuhio Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Phone | (808) 922-6600