One Custom Suit for Three Occasions

Life as a consummate creative individual can be rather demanding. Each day is uniquely different from the next and requires me to wear all kinds of hats at all times. There are client meetings, brainstorm sessions, showroom appointments or media events/dinners that are consistently part of my weekly routine. And because they're mostly face-to-face interactions, it also requires me to look my presentable best.

The Indochino Process

As some of you may know, suiting isn't my strong suit. Pun very much intended. I do don the occasional suit when it's a black-tie affair, wedding or simply because I am in the mood. Ultimately though, I dress for function. You'll always find me in pieces that could easily transition from formal to casual simply by adding or removing layers. It's no surprise to me that Indochino is once again my go-to for custom suits that are made for any situation.

Here’s how I tackled three, separate occasions in one Indochino suit made specifically with their in-house, Indotech fabrics in my neighborhood of Pasadena, CA

The Formal Event

Yes, contrary to popular opinion, I can clean up nicely in a fitted, three-piece suit. While this outfit may come across as stuffy, it’s the exact opposite. The movement and breathability are unparalleled, thanks to the Indotech fabric that is specially formulated to keep the construction light. This meant that I managed to keep my cool even under a leather jacket, in case I needed a quick outfit change for those cool evenings we’re known for here in LA. 

The Cocktail Hour

With the on-going heatwave we’re experiencing in these parts, I always try to maintain that polished, casual chic factor by incorporating trousers with sneakers and a sleeveless top. This helps me stay well-ventilated and cool off after a few stiff cocktails. Bonus points if you stand out against the decor at the venue. 

The Work Sesh

More likely than not,  I end up at a local coffee shop (Flour + Tea, in this instance) between meetings and events. It’s important to take a breather and catch up some looming deadlines. That’s why I opted to keep my Indochino trousers on - they’re comfortable but still fit like a glove even when you're seated down for a few hours of work.

Suits, like any other piece of clothing you own, should fit and fall naturally on your body. Indochino is such a blessing for guys who are more on the petite-side. To me, the Indochino experience is worth every fitting, every dollar. Consider reaching out to your local showroom - find out more on Good luck and happy suiting! 

Photography by Randy Tran