The Hudson Hotel NYC: Where Style Meets Substance

Prior to the existence of social media, the way we travel has always been a bit myopic. Packing was more of a private ritual, only privy to our eyes, and which hotel we were staying at only mattered on our printed itinerary. Furthermore, our recommendations came from a tangible copy of the latest Frommer's guide. 

Those days are long gone, with the desire to constantly share how we and where we travel to on Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. As this social bombardment proliferates, I can't help but wonder if travel still holds significant meaning for anyone anymore. 

For me, the opportunity to travel means so much more than just #goals and #inspo. I still reminisce the once privatized rituals of traveling whether it's somewhere familiar or new. I want this to be a reminder that travel can still be immersive and magical. 

During my recent trip out to NYC for NYFWMThe Hudson Hotel graciously hosted me in one of their suites. My first impression of the hotel was how whimsical but nautical and how playful but Philippe Starck it is. (As it turns out the famed furniture designer did furnish the hotel.) Upon checking into my room, I couldn't resist changing up the room, its layout and decor elements.

 I went to work almost immediately at around 7pm when I checked in. Instead of having dinner like any mentally-sound person would be, I decided to redecorate the suite into my home away from home. I later celebrated with a light dinner and two rounds of drinks with a friend down at Hudson Commons, the Hudson's ambient gastropub, and the Library Bar


And then the next day, my friend, Nathaniel James of The Nathaniel Manual, swung by and photographed me in the room in between another round of shows. He was fairly intrigued by how stylized it was - I took full advantage of every nook and cranny of the room. Nothing in sight was spared. I treated the entire suite as a playground for an editorial - which you see now on the Morgan Hotel Group’s Back of House blog.

After he left, I decided to snap up a few more self-portraits on my tripod. There’s something a bit more natural when you’re just snapping away using a remote - more opportunities to make mistakes without embarrassment. But more importantly, it’s always a good thing to have some personal time before jam-packed day. 

So - what are the takeaways here? 

1. Do make the space your own, whether you are staying at a hotel or a rental property. There’s something about implementing your own private rituals into an unfamiliar space and instantly making it into a home away from home. 

2. Do document your experience on your own terms. No rules here, except the ones you create. Use the room or suite as your creative canvas.

3. Do pack up everything you don’t need in a 3-piece luggage set. I kept my room looking neat and organized by using mine from CalPak. No one likes to walk back into a messy room when it’s supposed to be your sanctuary. 

5. Do stay in, when you can’t be bothered. I can’t stress this enough, in light of all the inclement weather you get during February in NYC. Sometimes, it’s just nice to stay in and cozy up under the blanket. 

4. Do indulge in the hotel’s amenities. Why bother wandering too far when everything is readily-accessible in one place? Eat and drink up, especially when there’s no Uber necessary. 

6. Do not or do social share. This is ultimately your own decision. The pressure to constantly share what we do by the minute has become a daily struggle - yes, it’s a real struggle for me too. It’s okay to turn off, meditate and engage in some much-needed digital detox. Hotel rooms are perfect for that. 


Now that it’s March, I am gearing up for another round of intense traveling. And while I’d love to take everyone with me, I simply can’t. To make up for it, CalPak and I have partnered up to give away a 2-piece luggage set to help with your jet-setting ways. All you have to do is enter using the Gleam widget below. Please make sure you complete all the required steps - otherwise, we may have to disqualify you from the draw. One winner will be selected randomly. US entries only. Deadline for the giveaway will be Monday, 3/14/16. Good luck!