Aboard the Aqualuna II: Hong Kong's Most Iconic Junk Boat


The Aqualuna experience may be a tourist one for many, but it’s one that dates back almost two decades for me. The first Aqualuna was built back in 2006 and entirely handcrafted. Its cultural iconicity can only be measured by the longevity of its presence at the Tsim She Tsui promenade harbor, home to the Hong Kong opera and an unobstructed, sweeping view of the city’s stunning skyline. 

Coincidentally, one can also spot the Duk Ling, another authentic Chinese junk boat that has since been renovated and upgraded to today’s modern boating standards.


My trip back to Hong Kong in March was a rather sweet homecoming for me. I swiftly made a reservation for the Aqualuna II, which is a more updated version with a bolder, oceanic blue flag. Making a reservation is the only way you can secure a space on board; early birds get the best pick in terms of seat selections, so make sure you arrive well before your sailing time. My recommendation is to stick by the front or the sides of the boat for the best views. 


Flexin’ in Fendi

The Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in Hong Kong. Feel free to roam around and explore before getting on the boat!

The Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in Hong Kong. Feel free to roam around and explore before getting on the boat!


Upon boarding and once your seat is secured, the attendant will serve complimentary cocktails (or any beverage) of your choosing. Nothing beats a glass of Champagne, as an orchestral light show unveils before your eyes. For those looking for a more upscale and indulgent experience, the Aqualuna offers package deals that include a coursed dinner or bottomless cocktails.

There is something quite magical as the cityscape beams and buoy from one building to another. Its light poetically reflects off the shimmering waters, bringing a familiar feeling of delight and intrigue that I once felt as a child. Nothing can replace that feeling of nostalgia. 



As we grow older, we have a tendency to let the gravity and, sometimes, negativity of life to overwhelm us. To hinder us from doing the things we truly wish and desire. Refuge from life’s external pressures is all around us. I always tell myself it is important to take time for ourselves. To let loose. To breathe. That’s the very essence of self-care. I am glad I was reminded of that while onboard the Aqualuna II. Life’s most precious moments are ones that are spent in the present (and maybe a friendly blast from the past, too).