Tel Aviv City Guide: Where to Eat, See and Sleep


Tel Aviv is one of those cities, upon arrival, that you'll never forget. The permeating sun, spiritual energy and visually-distinct, Bauhaus architecture cements that reputation. As one of Israel's major financial and creative centers, there's still a certain, mysterious air that awaits any curious traveler. I am one of them. Come along as I attempt to unlock this ancient city.


See: Yefet Street, Old Jaffa 

Tucked between synagogues and historical hotels is Yefet Street, one of oldest streets in Tel Aviv. Best strolled as the sun is nearing its descent, for the purposes of people-watching or climbing up the nearby hilltop park for some of the most breathtaking views of Tel Aviv's expansive beachside escapes. 


Sleep: Panoramic, Balcony Views from Dan Panorama Hotel

It's no surprise that Dan Panorama is the namesake of this beach-side hotel. The panoramic views from the balcony of my hotel suite here were simultaneously grandiose and intimate. 


Eat / Drink: The Norman (Tel Aviv)

The embodiment of luxury, boutique hotels, The Norman, as it is locally and affectionately-regarded as, is one of the most premiere, luxurious properties in the heart of Tel Aviv. We found ourselves chicly luxuriating away inside the hotel's Library Bar, whilst snacking on gourmet grilled cheeses and indulging over an artisanal cocktail. Of the whiskey variety, of course, with plenty of juicy conversations.


Eat / Drink: The Market House Hotel

Another Jaffa gem, The Market House hotel houses an intimate lobby meets lounge meets local cafe. We absolutely fell in love with the well-appointed decor and diffused, daytime light that mirrors the hospitable warmth of the staff. Whether you're going solo or traveling in a group, this is a great stop for a wine or coffee break -- perhaps over an order of freshly-powdered beignets. 


Situated above the Jaffa Ports, Kalamata is Tel Aviv's hottest Israeli-Greek restaurants. Exquisite cocktails, scrumptious Mediterranean fare and Santorini-esque views await you in this quaint establishment. 


See: Jaffa Port

Time seems to come to a standstill when you gaze into ocean views that instantly transport you from Tel Aviv to the Grecian isles of Santorini. The Jaffa Port is perhaps the ideal locale to end a busy and bustling day of cultural immersion in the historical district of Jaffa. Come for the sunset, stay for the nighttime views of the Tel Aviv skyline.



This city guide merely scratches the surface and secrets of this robust, deeply-cultural and spiritual city. I hope to someday return and unlock more of its tantalizing mysteries, whether it is food, fashion or the local community. What is your impression of Tel Aviv so far? Is this is a place you'd like to visit someday? Please let me know in the comments below!