Sketch, London: A Visual Feast for the Eyes

But not your tummy. Don't come to Sketch if you're looking to be blown away by exceptional cuisine. Trust. 

Every illustration, piece of furniture and decor element you see is the direct result of David Shrigley's creative jurisdiction. According to our waiter, each illustration will sell for $2500 a pop once the room is taken down later this year. 

The Good

  • It is extremely easy to book table for Sketch London through Bookable. In fact it is highly recommended you do.
  • The pink dining room, designed in collaboration with David Shrigley, is pretty sublime. Every nook and cranny is Instagram-friendly if that's your jam. 
  • According to my friends and food critics, it is must to come for high-tea. We weren't able at the time, so this review is strictly based on our dinner experiences.


  • The food. The food. The food. Dinner, in particular. Save your hard-earned money for drinks, dessert and coffee/tea.
  • It is immensely-crowded and dimly-lit at night. If you aren't persistent enough, your photos will most likely be blurry and grainy.
  • This isn't a restaurant for budget dining or penny-pinchers. You're essentially paying big dollars for the experience and social credence. 

Do not let the presentation fool you. This must be the most atrocious charcuterie plate I've ever had. 

Fish and chips (?????)

I am all about Michelin-star dining, but this isn't it. These are dishes masquerading as such. All it takes is one bite until reality hits your taste buds.