Beanie Hair, Don't Care

Climate conditions in Los Angeles don't necessarily call for beanies all the time, yet somehow it's become quite the iconic staple for Venice-dwelling skaters on the Westside to the alternative, punk-rockers of Echo Park on the Eastside. Its sartorial reach and influence substantially binds together multiple categories of people, personalities and communities. It's been a recent (well, since my middle school years really) mission of mine to find out why this is the case and it's led me to these discoveries: 

1. Comfort.

My beanies from The Skully Company fit very comfortably on my head, making them easy to have on for hours on end. They also stay in one place easily without much adjustment or constant fidgeting like other head pieces do. 

2. Make.

Beanies are typically made out of the softest materials in existence. The good ones truly stand out for its durability and style sensibility - cable knits are my preferences for this Fall/Winter. It will keep you warm while adding that much-needed festive touch. 

3. Function.

A beanie should always stay on your head, even if you’re partaking in some sort of rigorous activity. During my travels in Mexico City, my Skully Co beanies maintained its purpose, which is to keep me warm, throughout the trip. There was never a moment where I had to worry about it slipping off due to its secure but comfortable fit. 

4. Aesthetics.

Okay, let's be honest - why else would you wear a beanie if it doesn’t add a satisfying appeal to your outfit ensemble? The Skully Company designed their beanies to be a finishing accompaniment to any outfit - not merely an afterthought. I believe they fulfilled this component flawlessly - the beanies were a nice, neutral-minimal and stylish addition to my outfits. There’s nothing better than to just pack up a few beanies as accessories without too much planning or thought involved. 

So there you have it - my reasons on why you should wear your beanie hair proudly this Winter season. They also make great stocking stuffers this holiday season for loved ones. And some of the best come from The Skully Co - check out their incredibly-designed collection here


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