Winter is Finally Here and So is Puffer Jacket Season


Puffer jacket season has arrived.

Finally, a sound, sartorial reason to look more like the Michelin man.

Gaysian snow yeti spotted at the Flatiron. Wearing   Moncler x Craig Green down puffer hooded jacket  . // Photography by   Kim Geronimo

Gaysian snow yeti spotted at the Flatiron. Wearing Moncler x Craig Green down puffer hooded jacket. // Photography by Kim Geronimo

If you’re not a fan of wind chills in the negative degrees or simply want to look like your Michelin man best, I highly suggest you purchase a puffer jacket. Right this moment.


The best puffer jacket you can get under $200.


Puffer jackets, for me, are blankets you can wear and walk in. It’s like having a security street blanket. It’s so comforting to the point where I don’t feel like I’ve left my bed. At its baseline, a puffer jacket should look fashionable and feel functional. With plenty of insulation. And that’s exactly how it should feel when you are wearing a puffer.

It’s like having a security street blanket.

If you’re looking for a puffer jacket that is a bit more of a statement, a lasting investment, so to speak, I highly recommend Moncler. I did a style story with the brand for Farfetch a while back, and I still stand by it. This jacket packs some serious down feathers, while exhibiting an aesthetic perfected by the godly hands of Craig Green.


With a detachable hood, of course.


How attached am I to puffer jacket season? Very much so. In fact, I am wearing one to weather through the 50-degree wintry cold that’s taking over Los Angeles right now. With a personal heater on. I have no shame when it comes to protecting myself from the winter chill. What about you? I am pretty sure we’re all on the same page.