Finally, A One Stop Men's Salon

The title says it all. And I don’t make that statement lightly. 

Having had experiences at a high-end salon in the glitzy, Melrose District to a more low-key one in the ever-gentrified territory of Silverlake, I was eager to discover something that'll combine the best of the two at a reasonable price point while offering comprehensive services that will needs of the modern man. 

Meet 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon located in the heart of West Hollywood. Owned and operated by Amyn Sachedina, a former technologist and Silicon Valley resident, he hand-selected each and every member of the salon's staff to meet his expectations of what a men's salon should be. 

Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of getting my hair (and almost every other body part) catered to at the salon through its wide array of grooming services - all conducted by their top-notch experts. But what makes it a truly outstanding, men's one-stop salon? Follow me as I walk you through the 18|8 Men's Salon experience: 

1. Attentive Customer Service

How many times have you stepped into a salon only to feel ignored or intimidated? Not at 18|8 Fine Men's Salon WeHo. Upon your arrival, Bijan, the friendliest receptionist you will ever meet, will greet you by confirming your appointment and ask if you prefer a glass of wine, tea or sparkling water. They had me at all the above. I can't stress much this sets the tone for the salon experience for me.

2. Customized Hair Grooming Options

Each hair styling package is customized to your needs. Want a simple fade with a hot towel finish? There's a package for that. Want to kick it up a notch with a neck and shoulder massage? No need to look further - see all the packages here. Pro tip: Seek out a master hairstylist - they will change your life forever. 

3. Scalp and Cosmetic Facials

Not many mens’ salons offer facial and scalp treatments. 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in West Hollywood provides an ambient and clean environment to give both your face and scalp that extra nourishment. I have to confess that my scalpmetics treatment was rather life-changing - imagine someone washing your hair on another level.

4. Color Treatment

Bent on going back to black, I came into the salon after being a platinum blonde for over a year. My hair, although not severely-damaged due to careful maintenance, was still feeling a bit brittle and coarse due to layers of bleaching. Using a selection of OYA hair coloring products, Stan, the resident colorist, carefully pulled away layers of residual bleach before giving it a rich, black dye. Need to get rid of pesky grey hairs or color correction? They have that too. 

5. Manicures and Pedicures

I went to a nail spa for men once and never went back for good reason. I love how you can get your mani and pedi all done within the privacy of your salon “cubicle” at 18|8. It’s extremely relaxing and comforting at the same time. There were no awkward glances or attempt to make conversation with the next guy sitting next to you. This sacred moment in time only exists between you and an expert pedicurist. 

The overall salon experience at 18|8 Fine Men's Salon in West Hollywood is one that easily rivals more upscale and expensive counterparts but with an approachable and family-like atmosphere. This is mainly due to the continual commitment of Amyn's leadership in guiding his staff to treat each and every patron with the absolute best care. It was very inspiring to witness all this nourishment and training first-hand - a salon with a real heart and soul. 

For more information and to make your next appointment, be sure to check them out here

18|8 Fine Men's Salon West Hollywood

Rating | ★★★★★

Address | 8615 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone | (310) 598-2228
Hours | M-W (10am - 8pm), Th-Sat (9am - 8pm), Sun (9am - 6pm)