How NYFWM (Really) Looks Like from the Front Row


When I was thinking of recapping my New York Fashion Week: Men’s experience this season, I felt stuck. Let’s be honest for a moment here. Now that everything is so instant and live streamed for our convenience, the need to read an entire recap seems a bit tired and exhaustive. 

This is why I was overwhelmingly excited when the folks over at Ubiquiti Labs tapped me to try their newest product, Front Row, and take it for a spin during NYFWM. Front Row, as the name implies, is a camera device you wear around your neck. There are numerous features that the device is capable of, like allowing you to go live via Facebook Live and other social platforms as needed, but its most novel feature is being able to document your life, as it happens and unfolds in front of you, in a storytelling format. A series of stop-motion photos are aggregated as you go through your day, all captured in a stabilized manner. 

Upon learning about all this information, I was more than ready. The Front Row was officially my co-pilot and documentarian for NYFWM SS18. 

A Story Mode Film by Front Row.
Captured by me. Edited by Charles Lee.

As with any new product, I was admittedly skeptical at first. Was it going to be hard to configure? How long will the battery last? To my surprise, Front Row performed smoothly and efficiently over the course of 7 long days of documenting on-the-go — albeit a few beta hiccups that required me to reboot the product’s OS. The device miraculously auto-saves where you leave off, so rebooting was never an alarming concern. Despite being “active” throughout hours of shows, events and appointments, Front Row’s extensive battery life impressively powered on a single charge. A reminder that great power and performance can come in a small, compact size too. Its inconspicuous size also means you can subtly go about your day without even noticing it around your neck; although to the technologically-savvy, the device can cause quite a bit of intrigue. Many NYFWM attendees, including street photographers and news film crews, inquired about the Front Row as I traveled between shows. 

A Highlight Gallery from NYFWM SS18

My experience with the Front Row has been an unprecedented one. Never have I ever been able to share my life in such an intimate manner and showcase as-they-happen moments in a way that literally brings you to the front row. It’s quite amazing how a simple product can ignite a revolution, and Front Row is one of those devices that can forever alter the way we interact with the world around us and our respective audiences, be it friends, family or fans.

For more information about this product and how you can get your hands on one, be sure to visit their official website here.