From Day To Night: Nespresso Essenza Mini Is the Modern Luxury Holiday Gift that Keeps on Giving


The One Gift You (and Your Loved Ones) Need

THIS HOLIDAY SEASON IS: The Nespresso Essenza Mini Machine


If there’s one thing I pride myself on during the holiday season, it’s the simple fact that I give the best gifts. Of all time. I am not sure if it’s a textbook Cancer thing or that I just have a particular knack for gift giving, I own this arena even with the most fastidious recipients!

This holiday season, I plan to outdo myself and give everyone the gift that keeps on giving. It’s a modern-day luxury I simply can’t live without: Coffee by way of a Nespresso Essenza Mini machine! Personally, I love waking up to the smell of fresh espresso and taking my time with one as I scroll through the morning news and emails. Then as the day comes to an end, my Nespresso-made coffee is the perfect nightcap after a big meal or long day.

I’ve been using Nespresso machines for years now (as evidenced by my Instagram stories alone) and frequent their exquisite, flagship boutiques whenever I get the chance. Gifting that experience to others is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Nespresso offers a machine for every preference and space. The Essenza Mini, as the name implies, is rather compact and sleek. I love how it sits so confidently on my kitchen countertop and becomes a decor statement on a bar cart.



Hopefully, I’ve made a compelling case that all your loved ones deserve a Nespresso machine this holiday season for their year round pleasure and leisure. It really is the best modern luxury gift one could ever wish for! For a limited time, Nespresso is offering exceptional capsule flavors like Macaron, Praliné and Paris Black that will get the festivities going. You won’t want to miss out!