My Montblanc Legend Leigacy + Giveaway

Over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection of men's fragrances and perfumes, some more distinguishable and preferable than others. My olfactory senses have certainly changed and sharpened — resulting in an intense lust for subtle yet zesty bergamot notes. What I probably love most about fragrances is the application of it; there’s something about the act that strongly represents a rite of passage. A coming of age, as we discover newer forms of expressions. This is just a few reasons why I’ve always likened one’s scent to be a signature trademark. It’s the last personal touch before you walk out the door. It’s the first introduction of your distinct smell amongst familiar company and strangers alike. It’s the ‘accessory’ that completes and polishes off any outfit. 

So when the two master perfumers, Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp, came together to conceptualize and perfect the Montblanc Legend Spirit, I was intrigued. My nose perked immediately upon first spray. Talk about love at first scent. There’s something uniquely fresh, virile and intense about the combination of pink peppercorn, bitter grapefruit, bergamot, along with notes of sandalwood, cedar and cashmere, altogether. It’s the perfect balance between sophistication and masculinity. Let’s also not forget that with any great men’s cologne, the Montblanc Legend heats up and reacts with your skin’s chemistry when applied. This creates and releases an inimitable sillage - the degree to which a perfume’s fragrance lingers in the air. 


Pro Tip | Applying Montblanc Legend Spirit

When applying, spray generously on wrist and rub gently for long-lasting, optimal reaction with your skin's own chemistry to produce the most vigorous and unique scent. Trust me, it works for me every time. 

With the advent of the Spring season, I am encouraging you and your loved ones to #FollowYourSpirit with the Montblanc Legend Spirit. Whether you’re basking in the sunkist glow of the California sun or engaging in a romantic dinner against the stunning backdrops of New York City, the Montblanc Legend is your desired form of scent expression. Montblanc and MYBELONGING have partnered up to help you jumpstart your scent journey by giving away 3 bottles of the Montblanc Legend Spirit. All you have to do is enter via the Gleam widget below! The last day to enter is 3/30/16. Good luck!