Ministry Apparel: Not Your Daddy's Performance Workwear

The history of menswear attire in the workplace has never been a particularly daring or unconventional one; after all, why fix the matching suit, ties and shoe formula if it ain't broken? For many decades and a significant amount of aging/middle-aged baby boomers, traditional menswear codes are what they know best. They adhere to it no matter how hot or cold the climate is, no matter the task and no matter how odorous it gets (a good sniff on any NYC subway will prove my point). 

As much as I love fawning over Jon Hamm on Mad Men, which is an accurate sartorial depiction of mens work attire, I can't but help notice how sweltering it must be for them to live in a suit from 9-5. Could you imagine doing that yourself in a post nine-to-five era? 

Many of us couldn't, including myself. That's why you need to put everything down and check out what Ministry Apparel is doing to revolutionize workwear in the workplace. 

Oh and did I mention that everything is machine-washable? No need for unnecessary last-minute stops at the dry cleaners!

Ministry Apparel (formerly of Ministry of Supply) has taken staple work attire pieces and revamped them thread by thread. Button down shirts repel odors whilst maintaining internal body temperatures; so do wool sweaters that are so light on the body, you'd be surprised by how well it retains warmth. Work trousers have also been reengineered to keep you cool and comfortable on the go. With plenty of style. Oh and did I mention that everything is machine-washable? No need for unnecessary last-minute stops at the dry cleaners!

The best part is knowing that these work clothes look good even when paired with a leather jacket and sneakers. I was able to achieve this look after laboring through a day of calls and endless content creation at The Park, a cozy but chic co-working space located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Seamlessly going from day to night has never been easier. 

Some of you may have notice that I took a two week break from writing -- well, evidently, I've been working like a horse! There are several things happening in the pipeline, which I simply cannot wait to share with you. Yes, it involves more on the go activities than ever and perhaps more interesting travel adventures just on the horizon.  

In the mean time, I cannot stress enough that we should all vote. Go out there and make your voice heard!

Content is produced in collaboration with Ministry Apparel. All words and experiences are entirely my own. 

Photography & VIDEO by Theo Macabeo