Local Meditative Escapes in Los Angeles Within Driving Distance


In the Mood for Meditation

3 local, meditative escapes easily accessible with one Uber ride at a time.

Over the last few years, as a tireless entrepreneur and digital content creator, mental health concerns and issues have taken a backseat. It’s very easy to lose sight of what’s important when you’re caught up in the fray of deadlines, travel, social engagements — almost too much to list. But it all hit me late last month, as I came down with a major anxiety attack after a substantial amount of time with no rest and meditation breaks in between. If you are disappointed in me, so am I. I can’t lead by example or practice what I preach if I am not actively embodying it. This is why I’ve decided to compile a list of meditative spots within central Los Angeles that can be easily accessible by Uber within driving distance.



First off, I wanted to start close by in Echo Park lake. The $45M renovation shows — the park’s facelift has made it a place of communal gathering for a lot of Angelenos during the weekends and, more importantly, a beautiful place to kickback and just chill. The placid waters of the lake along with the canopies of palm trees makes the park an ostensible concrete jungle. My favorite time to go is when the sun is just about to set. The crispness of the golden hour, as you look out, instantly lifts me out of any anxiety I may be experiencing. One can also choose to rent out a paddle boat, so you can truly immerse yourself in the natural surroundings.


2. Barnsdall Park / Hollyhock House

The Hollyhock House in all its original glory. So well-preserved and maintained that it will soon be declared as a UNESCO-designated site. Designed by renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Hollyhock House in all its original glory. So well-preserved and maintained that it will soon be declared as a UNESCO-designated site. Designed by renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.


Not too far away from Echo Park is Barnsdall Park. Barnsdall Park is an idyllic escape for picnics, kite flying and even wine tastings (outdoor tastings only take place from May-August with a ticket purchase)! It is famously home to the Hollyhock House, which conducts daily tours into a glimpse of this exclusive Frank Lloyd Write home. There is an immense sense of calm as I walk from the art gallery and down to the nature paths that make up the bulk of Barnsdall Park. The panoramic views of nearby Griffith Park and Observatory adds to this zen-like ambience.


3. Yamashiro / Hollywood Hills View


All of the aforementioned locations are easily accessible by Uber. The convenience of not having to get into your car for a local escape to meditate is of paramount importance to me. Or finding parking for that matter in a city of cars is a fantastic perk that I’ll find valuable. Uber continues to provide me with unparalleled access to locations that are instrumental — not only for my business and content creation endeavors — but my mental wellbeing as well. 

Finally, perhaps my top pick of them all, is the Hollywood Hills view from Yamashiro. Views like this in LA are hard to come by, especially when you’re literally only a hill top away from all bustling noises of Hollywood and Vine. It’s hard to hold on to any worries and anxieties as you walk underneath the immaculately-manicured trees. And as you look towards the lower levels, an enormous Buddha and Pagoda tower seemingly anchors that palpable feeling of relief.