From Marrakech to Merzouga

Mirroring the decor with my Teva Arrowood Swift Lace sneakers

In Marrakech, we were exposed to some of the most exquisite open-air spice markets and the like. It is a reasonably safe city to explore as long as common sense is employed, especially amongst tourists and women in particular. However, almost everyone we encountered were friendly and hospitable. Should you decide to peruse and purchase, be sure to haggle and be firm. I personally walked away with a hand-knit Moroccan rug after a few solid minutes of negotiating. A high quality rug for $75 (USD)! The moment we departed Marrakech, specifically La Mamounia, that's when the real journey began to unfold.

The trip to Merzouga is a long but worthwhile one. From Marrakech, it is at least an 8-hour ride give or take how many breaks/rest stops you decide to make. It's incredible how much the terrain shifts from dry desert climate to blustery snow as we traversed higher into the mountainous regions of Morocco. The Atlas Mountains were, indeed, covered in snow and it was quite a thrill to see it in person. Our mid-point to the Saharan deserts of Merzouga was Ouarzazate, a city that is well-known for its proximity to some of the world’s most historical and famous Kasbahs. By the time we got into the Sahara desert, via an intensely life-changing camel ride, I was beyond mesmerized by the seemingly boundless levels of nature and beauty surrounding us. 

Overseeing the Ouarzazate sunset with my Teva footwear

With such a wide range of different terrains and climates, it is imperative that my footwear remains versatile throughout. This is precisely why I alternated between Teva's impressive arsenal of sandals and sneakers to seamlessly traverse from mountains to desert. Teva footwear is the perfect combination of fashion and function for avid travelers, like me, who have to expect the unexpected without sacrificing my personal style. 

Hope you enjoyed this partial recap of my journey in Morocco -- there will be more to come! Please leave any questions or comments below; I'd love to help plan your next trip to Morocco or drop more wisdom on wise footwear choices.