Chasing Content, Scouting Locations in Pasadena

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t just idly sit and create content. I have to actively scour and seek unexpected locations off the beaten path. Said beaten path usually doesn’t mean rugged; in fact, it can be quite central and cosmopolitan. For me, it’s all about discovering (or rediscovering) local gems in the Pasadena area, which is right in my backyard. Pasadena, if you don’t know by now, is a prominent neighborhood located northeast of Downtown LA. It combines what I love most about the East and West coasts into one vibrant, diverse community. It epitomizes this city’s vast architectural styles and boasts an incredible culinary scene that rivals many premiere LA restaurants. Given Pasadena’s proximity to nature and adjacent suburban pockets, it’s a destination for some of the best location scouting. Major film studios don’t come to film here for no reason. 


But because parking isn’t ideal at most of these locations, I tend to hop into an uberX for optimal accessibility around Pasadena. Getting a ticket on a permitted street is just not the business. It also makes it easier to have an Uber partner-driver behind the wheel, so I can keep my eyes peeled on discoveries that may not otherwise reveal itself when I am too focused on driving. 


There is a practical side to how I do this, too. I compile a list of interested locations and pin them down my maps app! That way I can coordinate my stops easily with my Uber partner driver. This leads to less stressful situations and more efficient location scouting. I love doing this because it allows me to simultaneously explore more of LA, while discovering new spots to utilize for my day to day content creation. That’s how I found myself an original Frank Lloyd Wright house tucked in the historical district of Pasadena. (Please note that it is now a private residence, should you choose to visit. You can still take photos outside on the driveway, however). 


From the Gamble House to the Asia Pacific Museum, I find constant inspiration in neighboring destinations that help elevate my content creation to the next level. Hunting down potential locations as a content creator should be an enjoyable but important pastime. It’s an invaluable part of my line of work and literally keeps us on our toes at all times. This, in practice, wouldn’t be as easily accessible or possible without the aid of uberX. It’s freeing to know everything is within reach, with every door that opens.