La Mamounia

Inside La Mamounia, Morocco's most exclusive resort. This is what Moroccan dreams are made of. 

La Mamounia is the ultimate luxury resort that caters to your inner celebrity — or an actual celebrity, too. Imagine having complete access into a palace oasis tucked between old and new Marrakech. Here is your digital gateway into the world that’s been graced by the likes of Winston Churchill, Marlene Dietrich and Yves Saint-Laurent. 

The kindest attendees donned in fashionable Moroccan capes will greet you every step of the way. 

I recently had a chance to experience the world-class amenities at La Mamounia during an incredible trip with Supercharge. Over the course of three days, my perception of luxury hospitality went through a major overhaul. The taste of almond milk and freshly-picked dates had never tasted so exquisitely fresh as it did upon our check-in process. 

La Mamounia, although a mere stone’s throw away from the bustling vendors and spice markets of Medina in Marrakech, is really a secluded entity on its own. You know, spanning an enormous 27,000+ square footage while housing one of the most intricately designed indoor pools and multitudes of open air tile courtyards gardens that rival the most luxurious riads (if a riad villa is within your budget, look no further) in the neighboring areas. I lost count of how many times I fell in love with the intoxicating interiors that emitted a leathery musk punctuated by jasmine aromas. The soft light that broke through my own suite courtyard in morning was equally enchanting. 

A typical day in this palatial resort for me would start with a light but scrumptious breakfast by the pool at La Piscine, followed by a dip into La Mamounia’s famous indoor pool. Then I wade through the resort’s plethora of hidden and outdoor gardens, with a Moroccan mint tea in hand, before immersing myself in a modern Moroccan gastronomic experience at Le Moracain. All this prior to an intimate night-cap at the cigar bar, coincidentally graced by Chrissy Teigen and Jen Atkin — actual celebrities. 

To experience La Mamounia and satisfy your inner celebrity desires, this is the only way


Avenue Bab Jdid
40 040 Marrakech Maroc
Tel +212 5243-88600