Jumpsuits or Matching Sets for Men? Here's The Verdict.

The Dilemma

If you’re just coming along for the ride, you may not already be aware of my long-standing relationship with jumpsuits. The truth is: I just can’t get enough of them. But this wasn’t always the case.  

Like many, I had age-old reservations and fears about what was it like wearing a jumpsuit: 

- Do I look like a tele-tubby? 
- Do I look sloppy in one?  
- More importantly - will I be able to use the restroom? 

OnePiece Limited Edition -  Berzerk Jumpsuit (Dyed Midnight Blue)

If you’ve decided jumpsuits aren’t your thang (and that’s totally okay), you may want to consider matching separates. Matching separates create the illusion of a jumpsuit but with more versatility and function. You can choose to wear them together or not - simply remove or add on whim. Here are some specific details I look for on matching sets: 

1. A comfortable but slim fit. It should feel like a second skin without any kind of irritation or overheating. 

2. Monochromatic. Somehow the idea of an all red, orange or green matching set does not bode well with me. 

3. Textures. It wouldn’t be quite as interesting otherwise. There needs to be a tangible element of surprise up close.

The Verdict

Jumpsuits aren’t for everyone. If worn the right way, however, it’s a piece that can easily elevate your personal style and make you look like a superhero. In my case, I am getting all kinds of villainous, Mystique vibes. Catch my drift? 

For the ardently, anti-jumpsuiters, you’ll always have your matching sets. 

OnePiece offers plenty of options for unisex/mens jumpsuits and matching sets here.