Instantly Upgrade Your Travel Instagram Game

“The best camera is the one you have with you at all times”

We’ve all heard this mantra many times before. As much as I love my newly-purchased Sony A7II, I have to admit that this is especially true when I am traveling and want to capture more on the go moments. The moments between all that. 

However, there are limitations to the iPhone camera. Under optimal settings and well-lit areas, my iPhone 6 camera can open up to 2.2 aperture and captures images at 8 megapixels. This is further compromised when using digital zoom - a feature I highly discourage and stray away from when it comes to my Instagram photography. 

Introducing the olloClip

This is where the OlloClip comes in, a compact lens attachment I’ve been using for the past 3 years when I am traveling. The OlloClip has evolved quite a bit over the years, extending beyond its core lens collection to a Full Studio Set that is ideal for active filming sessions. Its constant evolution is a pressing a necessity since iPhones and other mobile devices are refreshed annually. OlloClip lens are incredibly lightweight and attach easily, even when you’re not using its proprietary case. You can even wear them around your neck for quick accessibility. 

While in Aarhus and Copenhagen recently, I brought olloclip’s active lens along with the Studio Set to film some scenic sights and sounds. The results speak for itself. I couldn’t have imagined a better iPhone companion than olloclip - when both lens come together, they perform marvelously and with aplomb. It’s a much more freeing and user-friendly experience. Even though it won’t replace a DSLR or mirrorless camera anytime soon, the olloclip lens will forever enhance and alter the way you snap your iPhone and Instagram shots. 

I’ve put together a lookbook, which you can see over at olloclip, to demonstrate best practices for the olloclip active lens, showcase the Studio Set as a whole and highlight actual stunning images taken on my iPhone. Oh and you’ll get a chance to win your very own set here. All you have to enter using the Gleam widget below. This is the perfect accessory for avid iPhonenographers or the fervent Instagrammer looking to up their travel Instagram game.