Inside the Teotihuacan


I recently went back to Mexico City for the Thanksgiving holiday, and it's fast becoming an annual tradition for me for many, many reasons. On this second voyage, I made it my mission to embark on an adventure out to Teotihuacan early on. Yes, the empire of the sun that once belonged to a significant Mesoamerican population before a civil war spurred by internal strife brought its ultimate downfall. 

It's a magical site (and sight, pun intended) to behold, even from afar as our Uber quickly approached one of the largest pyramid structures known to humankind. Once we entered the ancient grounds, we made our way to capture and absorb every angle of this man-made marvel. In my very impractical but editorial outfit -- my decision entirely, thank god for the Teva x UGG furry sandals that saved me on those much-dreaded, surprisingly narrow steps to the top of the pyramids. Full disclosure: We only made it up to one of them before proceeding to the nearby paleta (Mexican ice cream pops) to get some reprieve from the searing heat and gather our energy for the rest of the day.

As the sun starts to set, we pulled a brisk and brief run inside the Teotihuacan museum. This is not to be missed. The spiritual energy reverberates through every wall mural, every stone step and every structural orifice here. It’s a kinda energy that stays and lingers around with you, far beyond the time spent at the pyramids. 

Seeing the Teotihuacan pyramids from the top gave me an overwhelming sense of exhilaration and inspiration. Suddenly, everything seemed so small and insignificant compared to this gargantuan civilization that was once so great. It's a reminder that we're all here for a reason but our existence is merely a fleeting one in the larger scheme of the universe. What we do may amount to something -- perhaps the metaphorical equivalent of Teotihuacan proportions -- but we must not let it consume us. 

Sorry got drifted away as I usually do when I get into a philosophical mood, but yes -- the Teotihuacan is a must-see when you find yourself in Mexico!