Unboxing The HP Spectre: World's Thinnest Laptop


So super thin, you have to see it to believe it. 

Designer-made is a term that is so often overused and abused to overcompensate for an inferior product or brand. A term that has been widely applied to As Seen On TV commercials to those atrocious QVC segments. It’s marketing speak and, for the most part, a loaded cliche. 

So, when the HP Spectre, heralded as 'the world's thinnest laptop,' I was intrigued to say the least. I recently managed to get a hold of the laptop for review purposes, and I have to admit my mind was blown away. 


Designed to be a minimal yet sleek, edgy yet sophisticated laptop, the HP Spectre is the final and consummate product of many creative minds.  In fact, J. Hannah, a fine jewelry designer and fashion blogger, got to design her own not too long ago. Every element and component was evidently hand-crafted and designed to perfection -- it is simply sublime down to the last curve. 

There are many competitors in the laptop landscape, but here’s why the HP Spectre stands out for me: 

  • It is almost paper thin (10.4mm, to be exact) at 2.5lbs without sacrificing key functionality. Having 3 USB-C ports, let alone 1, is almost unheard of for a laptop of this size.
  • It is beyond stunning to look at, combining the very best of luxury and architectural details together. The laptop literally speaks for itself. I heard myself gasping at every little detail as I opened it up. 
  • It comes with accessories that are an extension of the HP Spectre’s uncomplicated design. The wireless mouse and Saffiano leather laptop sleeves complete the overall package. 

Over the next two months, I can’t wait to review and explore the HP Spectre to its full capacity. I am already pretty impressed, considering how much of a demanding and meticulous freelance creative I can be. Stay tuned to see what else this minimalist marvel is capable of! 

To learn more about the HP Spectre and to purchase one for yourself, I highly recommend heading over to: http://www.hp.com/go/hpspectrelaptop - You’re welcome. 

HP generously provided the HP Spectre for review purposes only; words and opinions are entirely my own.