HP Spectre Review: Great Performance in a Portable Package

As alluded to in an earlier post, I wanted to take some time to evaluate and give a proper review of the HP Spectre, the world’s thinnest laptop. Being a lay tech-lover, I won’t be a foaming mouthpiece to tout how much I love the HP Spectre - I am just going to tell you for what it truly is. A mesmerizing, utilitarian piece of technology. I can personally say and vouch, without a doubt, that this is one of the most impressive laptops I’ve used and owned to date. But I’d rather let you decide for yourself and showcase just how powerful and user-friendly it is through a series of demonstrations. Let the show and tell commence. 

The 1080P Artisanal Screen

Before you decry the use of artisanal, the HP Spectre is equipped with a state of the art screen that is meticulously produced for your viewing pleasure. It is an edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla glass to be exact; not only is it visually stunning, it’s also durable and scratch resistant. It’s like staring at a piece of art each time I stream my favorite shows and movies on Netflix. The level of crispness and vibrance is almost unrivaled, especially when it comes to developing my photography for client and content creation projects. 

The Sound & Acoustics

HP and Bang & Olufsen partnered up to create the most ultimate portable acoustics that is, literally, music to the ears. Even for the most ardent and fastidious of audiophiles. This is evident when I simply use it for my Spotify playlist — the audio engulfed my immediate environment. No external wireless speakers needed. The HP Spectre has convinced me that compact laptop, at its thinnest, can still generate robust, high-quality sound. 

The WINDOWS 10 User Experience

Coming from a OS X user for the majority of my young adult life, I have to admit Windows 10 runs incredibly smooth given how many applications I active in the background. My work flow consists of lot of heavy rendering, particularly with RAW images + video footage. Windows 10, powered by the HP Spectre, allows me to tackle my tasks without a hitch. Gone are the days when Windows gives me the blue screen of death. I could switch between Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Lightroom with a peace of mind. This may be attributed to the fact HP Spectre’s Intel® Core™ i processor, which delivers exceptional performance when you need it but without overheating. The HP camp calls the entire process “hyperbaric cooling.” I am just thankful the laptop won’t be burning my lap during those long editing sessions. 

The Battery Life

The HP Spectre is the power horse of slim, compact laptops. Four polymer battery cells are dispersed throughout the laptop to increase battery capacity without compromising its thin design.  With long-lasting and intelligent battery life, enough to last on a single charge, I won’t have to feel guilty surfing the web, catching up on reading the latest news or go on a Netflix binge in between work sessions. This is the technological solution to all my creative needs, and I am sure my fellow energizer bunnies would agree. 

Final Thoughts

My intention of this review is to provide a non-bias interpretation of my experiences with the HP Spectre and hopefully illuminate it as a formidable candidate for your next tech purchase. It goes against the grain of what others may perceive as innovation: Accommodating for all the essential functions of what a laptop should be while pushing the limitations of its physical and aesthetic design. Yes, on the record, it comes with a headphone jacket and two Thunderbolt USB-C ports for your convenience. 

PS. HP generously provided for the laptop for review purposes. Words and experiences are entirely my own.