How to Throw a Spontaneous Party with Beat Shazam!


A proper sit-down, intimate, television viewing party...done right.

with Beat Shazam

I’ve been a long-time user of Shazam, the music-identifying app, since my college clubbing days. Memories of me putting my phone as close as I can to blaring speakers still reverberate through my mind. Till this day, I am a loyal user and bust out the app whenever I want to quickly identify and discover the music that’s playing wherever I am.


I first heard about the Beat Shazam show last year but didn’t devour the first season over Hulu until a few months ago. Suffice to say, I am addicted and haven’t stopped thinking about the premiere of this coming season! The folks over at FOX were kind enough to send over an advanced screener of the first episode of season 2 to me before I left for NYC this past week. It was then an epiphany dawned on me during a busy travel/work schedule — I’d love to host an impromptu party with some of my nearest and dearest NYC friends! Here’s how I did it:

  1. Start a group message thread immediately when the idea comes to mind!
    You want to strike the iron while it’s still hot. The trick is to have a date, time and location in mind the moment you send out the group text. Otherwise the planning portion could be downright frustrating. Also accept the fact that not everyone can make it — and that’s okay. This is what makes spontaneity so much more thrilling and fun.
  2. Stock up on food, wine and snacks. This is a crucial component of any party — make sure the wine is chilled and takeout is on its way. I love to spice it up by trying something different — for this party in particular, we ordered up some Filipino classics from a local restaurant in Queens. It actually pairs well with champagne and rose! But what doesn’t?

3. Make it an intimate party. While the more the merrier is a mantra that holds true, this isn’t the most feasible with a social affair that’s a bit more spontaneous. I would say keep it to 3-8 people max! 

4. Put on a show that everyone can participate in and resonate with immediately. Beat Shazam hits all the right notes when it comes to family and friends entertainment! It didn’t take much for us to start guessing (correctly) most of the songs they were testing the contestants with on the show. In fact, we felt like we were right there with them! I actually guessed most of the David Bowie songs correctly — an accomplishment I am proud to say that I’ve unlocked!



Hope you guys enjoyed this brief guide on how to put together a spontaneous gathering with friends or family — any night of the week. Remember, Beat Shazam premieres on FOX, 5/29, 8/7C. For more information on the show, click through here

You can also play along at home while watching the show! Each week you can win $10K by playing on the Shazam app on your phone. Check out this video for instructions on how to play along: 

  • Tune in to Beat Shazam on FOX @ 8/7 C!
  • Open the shazam app on your phone
  • Hit the Shazam button in the middle of the screen (yes, like you would normally shazam a song!)
  • *Remember to make sure that your phone is in range to hear the episode of Beat Shazam.
  • The game will launch on your phone, so just hit “Start Game”
  • You will be playing along with the teams on television, so follow along through each category, and pick the correct song from the options on your screen, as quickly as possible.
  • Next you will find out if you answered the song correctly, and what your time was.
  • This will continue throughout the episode, and at the end you can enter for a chance to win $10,000 dollars each week!

This post was written in partnership with Beat Shazam and SheKnows Media. All words and experience are entirely my own, including the rabid consumption of lumpia chased down by glasses of prosecco.