Tomahawk Steak? 4 Must-Try Unique Dishes at Hanjip Korean BBQ

There’s nothing quite as exquisite as Korean BBQ (KBBQ), especially in Los Angeles where plenty of options are readily available both inside and out of Koreatown. There’s nothing quite comparable to that audible sizzle you hear once the meat hits the grill. Or when it lands searing hot on your tongue, thirsty and yearning for more. And then you wash it all down with some stiff soju or a icy-cold bottle of Hite. Regardless of your poison of choice, KBBQ is a universally-loved and can be considered an interactive cuisine in its own right. It truly is an art form. 

And a new contender is in town to help maintain its throne the diverse culinary landscape of LA: Hanjip

Hanjip is the Korean BBQ offspring for the Chris Oh, co-owner of Seoul Sausage of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Wars’ fame and restauranteur, Stephane Bombet. Aside from the usual atmosphere you’d expect at a KBBQ joint, Hanjip’s menu is the ultimate stunner and is just low-key very, very amazing. 

NOTE: If you’re solely into AYCE (All You Can Eat) KBBQ, stop reading any further. You will only experience jealously/disappointment. 

Options typically range from $23-$39, with the big ticket item, Tomahawk Steak with Foie Gras Butter, coming in at $120. The meat selection and cuts are some of the best and is comparable to my all-time favorite KBBQ - Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong. Each tender bite will melt in your mouth, often resulting in some form of orgasmic gasp or salty tears. It’s that good. 

Here’s a rundown of 4 stand-out items though that you won’t find anywhere else other than Hanjip: 

Hanjip is probably the best KBBQ joint you’ll find on the Westside (specifically, Culver City). It’s a great balance between the traditional and the experimental - making it a distinct addition to an increasingly saturated market. While the four dishes I listed is a must-try, the brisket, pork belly and roasted octopus will blow your mind away equally. Weeping is entirely optional. 

Hanjip | ★★★★★

Address | 3829 Main Street, Culver City, CA 90232

Hours | M-Sun, 11:30am - 12:00am 

Tel | (323) 720-8804