The Speakeasy, Bespoke Coffee Shop Experience at Giorgi Porgi


What is Giorgi Porgi?

A speakeasy, coffee shop meets underground venue space that defies all conventions that’s what.

I walk past by a particular stretch of 3rd street in Downtown Los Angeles quite often, as I make my trek from a nearby Joe’s parking lot to Kazunori, Blossom or Ledlow — restaurants and establishments with prominent displays, queued up lines and plenty of bells and whistles. 

Notice the timesheet — there are no specified hours of business.

Notice the timesheet — there are no specified hours of business.


Then there’s Giorgi Porgi. You may or may not have heard of it, but it’s definitely the one coffee shop you should check out if you find yourself anywhere in proximity to DTLA. For the uninitiated, there is no obvious signage, no timechart, no credit cards nor cash. 

My personal encounter with it was purely by chance. I was on my way to a pop-up for a cool, independent brand called Normal Objects. It just so happens that Giorgi Porgi was their venue partner. After spending a substantial amount of time at the pop up, I made a dash next door to meet with my friend, Keith, and quickly befriended the most friendly barista.

The earthy, green moss that inhabits the interiors of Giorgi Porgi.

The earthy, green moss that inhabits the interiors of Giorgi Porgi.


We spent the next 3 hours immersing ourselves into the Giorgi Porgi coffee experience, which is totally unlike no other. First of all, there is no menu. You won’t find your typical drip coffee or lattes here. Instead, one is inquired about their tastes and preferences. Even the type of beans depending on origin, pending availability. The barista then decides on the kind of caffeine creation that best suits your taste, palette and temperament. 

By the end of our Giorgi Porgi experience, there is no bill but a predetermined amount requested via Venmo. The overall total for 3 rounds of lattes, including two shots and a matcha, came out to be $50. But the consummate experience was, by no exaggeration, priceless. 

Giorgi Porgi | ★★★★★

Address | 137 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Hours | Supposedly, M-Sun, from 8:30pm - 6pm