GiftAway IV: A Brother, Sister Act in Pretty Vacant Leather Jackets

Introducing The Lei Sibs - Me (on the left) and Joey (on the right)

Warning: This post will finally reveal my innermost sap, but it's something I am dying to share with all of you!

Introducing: The Lei Sibs

Pretty Vacant PV02 Leather Jacket

Pretty Vacant PV01 Leather Jacket

It's not an everyday situation where you are born into this world already with a best friend, in this case - my #sibbae. I feel very fortunate to say that I did. Joey, who is only a 1.5 year older than me, and I have supported each other throughout our 20-something years of existence both in life and in business. 

At one point in our lives though, particularly during the teenage years, we were at odds with one another. To the extent where we would not acknowledge each other in middle and high school years. We simply dissociated ourselves from one another, due to our social circles. She was rather gangster back then, and I was the socially-anxious bookworm. When I was away for college, the dynamic shifted greatly. We became closer over distance, always keeping a tab on each other to get through whatever life threw at us. Through the good and hard times, we've built a stronger sibling bond than ever. 

While we could not be anymore different in temperament (she's more laid-back, I am more of a worrier), we're also similar in many, many ways. We both love animals. We both love to cook. We both love our significant others. We both live to serve our family. More importantly, we both love to dress and impress (ourselves). I still remember the days when I used to wear her Abercrombie polos and hand-me downs. It's crazy how far our own personal styles have evolved.

We're so thrilled to be announcing this gift-away with Pretty Vacant, in light of Instagram debut @theleisibs. The holidays are about coming together with family while looking your absolute best. And we want to share that with all of you. To win a leather jacket for yourself or a loved one, just enter through the widget below. The last day to enter is 12/24, 11:59PM PST. Good luck and we hope you enjoyed this story! I have a feeling you'll be seeing Joey around a lot more often now that the cat is out of the bag!