Transience: The Journey from Blog to Platform

New beginnings and transitions. 

By the time you read this, I may no longer be platinum blonde. That's precisely how quickly time flies by. I still can't believe that all, if not most of you, have stayed with me on this digital journey. And what a thrilling ride it has been. For the past few months, I've been put on my thinking cap and pondered what's next for MYBELONGING. I can officially say it's no longer a baby - but rather a young, blossoming child. This should explain why the content flow has somewhat diminished, because there's about to be plenty of changes - content-wise particularly, around these parts!


The unboxing of the MYBELONGING logo. Finally free and liberated.   Original logo credit:  Martin Angulo

The unboxing of the MYBELONGING logo. Finally free and liberated. 
Original logo credit: Martin Angulo

I never thought I'd get this far, to be honest. Here's a brief breakdown of why that is: 

1. The original (albeit, aimless )intention of MYBELONGING was to be purely a journal of documentation and review of my material possessions. I updated as much as I could while balancing a demanding full-time job and a jam-packed social life. That quickly changed as the entries began to revolve around more about my personal style and lifestyle, which garnered some supportive press along the way.

2. It took me three full years before I began seeing it as a financially-viable career path. Success never happened to me overnight - I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth neither did I have some angel investor who was about to swoop in and keep me afloat. And I didn't have a mountain of savings because that mostly went into my rent, wardrobe and other incidental-life expenses. To be honest, I am still paying my dues and trying my best to stay true to myself + the mission of this site

3. I was (and still am, to some extent) my biggest obstacle. As someone with a professional past in digital marketing and creative work (super damn proud of it, might I add), I have this tendency to be both a perfectionist and stickler about it. I spend countless hours editing photos and crafting copy to avoid grammatical errors and whatnot, because I want everything to be flawless. It started becoming too much of a distraction. This could easily be attributed to the fact that I think too much. It's a habit I am trying to undo through meditation and other forms of emotional release. 

So, thank you - to those who have stuck around and tolerated my antics - I sincerely hope it's been an enjoyable ride. And for those of you who are just catching on now - there are many more exciting content developments and projects to come!

On the whole, you'll notice that there's been a significant amount of changes, which I'll go over at a later time, as each element rolls out. For now, I am just going to take it all in.

Some words of wisdom before I sign off: change is inevitable.