5 Hidden, Majorly Photogenic Locations in Los Angeles


You probably know
all the touristy spots
in Los Angeles by now, 
but it's time to take a 


scenic detour elsewhere.


Here are five hidden photogenic locations within LA with Uber!

From the Santa Monica boardwalk to the Hollywood sign, it may appear that we've been there and done that with Los Angeles' most iconic spots. But really -- we're just merely scratching the surface of this shiny beacon of a city. Los Angeles really comes to life when you dive deeper into what is hiding within its vibrant neighborhoods. With the help of Uber and its safety toolkit (ranging from Trusted Contacts to Emergency Assistance), I've been able to navigate my way across this precious town of mine to discover these hidden gems. 


1. Mi Corazon - Silver Lake


Unassumingly located off of Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake, Mi Corazon is more than just your ordinary, authentic Mexican restaurant. Its outdoor decor is beautifully adorned with a heart wall that is unlike no other; they are actual adornments and mirror specifically handmade for hanging. If you are looking for something that is a step up above your typical heart graffiti wall, this is it. There is also a whimsical graffiti wall around the corner from the restaurant, if that's what your heart truly desires. 

The wall decor outside of Mi Corazon is such a distinctly-Spanish take on the heart wall 

The wall decor outside of Mi Corazon is such a distinctly-Spanish take on the heart wall 


2. Schindler's House - West Hollywood


From Silver Lake, I ventured off to the Schindler House* -- a case study home that reflects an iconic, architectural time and trend in Los Angeles. This physical house is rather hidden within the suburban neighborhood of West Hollywood. While most neighborhoods, like this, are relatively safe, I always make sure to notify my Trusted Contacts (either a family member or close friend) that I am out exploring on my own. It helps them know that I am always within reach and that my Uber had arrived safely. 

Although the Schindler House doesn't immediately scream photogenic, its purpose really isn't just about being aesthetically-pleasing. It's about feeling and cultivating a sense of calm in an otherwise bustling city. What I love most about the house is how spiritual it felt to walk through its neatly-preserved corridors and manicured ferns + bamboo landscaping. 

*There is a minor admission fee, as it is considered an archival property and museum space. 

Living that robe life. 

Living that robe life. 

3. Coldwater Canyon Park - Beverly Hills


Sometimes the most unexpected, scenic and photogenic spots is the everyday park you walk through. Coldwater Canyon park is exactly that. This space, normally reserved for your daily strolls with a dog or perhaps a playdate with children and a group picnic, contains a plethora of floral and fauna that is native to desert climate that's ever-present in LA. The unique sculptures and gorgeous fountains make this park visually-distinct for photographs and Instagrams alike. Definitely worth visiting when you find yourself in the Beverly Hills area. 


4. Yamashiro - Hollywood Hills

When one thinks of the Hollywood Hills, their thoughts usually veer in the direction of the Hollywood sign or Griffith Park. I don't blame them. Those are the more iconic spots that come to mind. But many are unaware of Yamashiro, a historical restaurant nearby. Besides the fact that it is a rather fabulous restaurant, Yamashiro's Pagoda-esque architecture is a breathtaking addition to the wondrous, Hollywood Hills landscape. I personally prefer going to the restaurant as the sun is giving us its most Golden Hour vibes. I mean, c'mon. 

For those of you who are concerned about a late night Uber out of the Hollywood Hills however, rest easy knowing that one can easily reach Emergency Assistance (it reaches authorities directly through the app) to get the help you need. I haven't had to use this myself personally and hope I never have to. It is a peace of mind knowing it is readily available. 


5. The Broad Museum - Downtown 


Yes, yes, I am well aware that The Broad is far from hidden, but it's really the interior architecture that speaks to me as a broader, hidden entity. From Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors to Jasper Johns' wildly-graphic art, every piece of the museum becomes an instant backdrop. It'd be difficult not to notice the stunning leaks of natural light that comes through its many orifice-like windows, making it one of my favorite locations to capture riveting and impactful images, for lifestyle content and my photography portfolio alike. And, as an avid museum-goer, I get to catch up on all the latest exhibits while doing so. 


I've been an Uber rider for the past 3 years now, and I've never been on a ride that was seemingly unsafe on any level. Being a creative content creator and photographer about town means I have to rely on Uber to get me from one photogenic location to the next. And the Safety Toolkit proves that Uber is committed to providing safe and secured rides for all.

What are your thoughts on these hidden photoshoot locations in LA? Do you have a list of your own? Please let me know in the comments below!