My Discount Designer Shoes Destination


It’s hard for me to keep a secret. Even harder when it’s this good. 

For those of you who have been incessantly wondering where I get some of my designer sneakers from…well, I have a confession to make. They’re from Century 21 stores. For the uninitiated, Century 21 retail stores have been the go-to destination for a multitude of high-end designer brands at a steep discount (we’re talking about 50-88%, right off the bat!). The best part is these discounts are permanent - unlike most flash-discount concepts - so there’s always a good chance you’ll find something that fits your style and budget. 

There are no gimmicks involved. What you see is what you get. High-quality and premium brands within the current season at a discount that will make you and your wallet happy. That’s precisely how I scored these white, studded Saint Laurent high-top sneakers during NYFWM

I’ve personally curated a selection of to-die-for designer sneaks from the Century 21 e-commerce site - feel free to peruse, shop to your heart’s content and share this golden nugget of online shopping with friends and family: 

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