New Year, New You: 3 Easy Ways to Get Better Sleep

"Sleep is so overrated," as many of my contemporary Millennials would say. I mean, why would you want to spend time sleeping when it could better spent drinking with friends, powering through deadlines or squeezing in an extra late-night workout?

Well, as it turns out, sleep is better for you than any of the above. Not having enough of it, according to NIH supported research, has led to sleeping disorders that are a root cause for a plethora of diseases — namely an increased chance of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke and even cancer. In some cases, sleep deprivation and drowsy drivers have resulted in fatal car accidents (around 5,000-6000 cases per year). It is estimated that 50-70 million US adults suffer from sleep disorders or a lack of sleep. 

My mission this year is to not be part of the problem and to reclaim sleep as a necessity — not just a goal or priority. And I am getting a head-start with the following ways that could forever alter the way you sleep and your sleeping patterns: 

1. Invest in a high-quality, memory foam mattress.

A mattress so soft and comfortable -- even pets love it!

I firmly believe investing in an excellent mattress is the best way to start developing improved sleeping habits. Since getting a Eve mattress last year, I am still impressed by the sleep quality it provides — well beyond its 100 day guarantee. I just got another for my home office bedroom with a customized Gudetama print on it! Even if Eve is not your mattress of your choice or within your immediate budget, I highly recommend going to a local mattress store to figure out what your best mattress options are. 

2. Purchase a memory foam pillow. It makes all the difference.

As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. This is no exception for your bed. Both your mattress and pillows should work in tandem in providing you with the best sleeping environment. All your muscles and pressure points should be equally supported. A great quality memory foam pillow, like the ones provided by Eve and other top brand suppliers, should alleviate and prevent any back and neck pain. I didn’t realized this until now myself, but it was a welcoming sense of instant relief. Regular, ill-supportive pillows have no place on your bed at all. 

3. Use technology to your advantage. Have them help track your sleep and bedroom conditions. 

I’ve been experimenting with different apps, including my iPhone’s own native sleep tracker, in the past few months to determine and evaluate my sleeping habits. Hello’s Sense rises to the top of the list, simply because it is so intuitive and effective to use. I am now obsessed with checking my 'sleep score' every day, upon waking up; it's a great way to maintain the perfect circadian rhythm especially after extensive traveling. The Sense is incredibly easy to set up. It obviously comes with the actual Sense device, a pillow clip and power cord. Once there's an established Bluetooth connection between the device and the pillow clip, you're done! 

Hopefully, these 3 ways of improving and establishing your ideal sleeping patterns will pave the way to a new, rejuvenated you! What are some sleep goals you're hoping to achieve this year? Let me know in the comment section below!