Best Way to Uber at a Music Festival

Uber's signage on-site are larger-than-life. It's hard to miss!

Uber's signage on-site are larger-than-life. It's hard to miss!

It’s that time of the year again. Music festival season has taken over our social media streams and any semblance of rational thought as multiple generations — both Millennial and Gen Z — come together to celebrate their incessant love for music, food and libations in the surrounding areas of Palm Springs.

A desert paradise throughout the year, Palm Springs transforms almost overnight into a music wonderland for festival goers with days of around-the-clock performances of major and independent artists alike. Not to mention, there are plenty of parties and events taking place outside of the festival, too. This means a lot of late nights, often under the influence and involving alcoholic beverages.










This past weekend and in the years past, I’ve come to rely on Uber as my primary method of transportation to and from the festival grounds as well as the parties happening in the area. Uber app users will be happy to find out that they can easily request their rides in the designated and fully decked-out Uber Zones designed for their convenience nearby the music festival. All you have to do is follow the yellow paths + signs, quite literally, to 49th Avenue and Monroe St. The Uber Zones are also properly equipped with phone chargers, hydration stations and free wi-fi to keep festival goers relaxed and rejuvenated. And there are plenty of neon sign decorations for those who are looking spruce up their Instagram feeds!



Getting an Uber ride from the Uber Zone is absolutely key to ensure easy entry and exit to the festival for a safe, hassle-free ride. It’s also the quickest way to jump from festival to events/parties, as Uber cars are constantly dropping and picking off passengers as they come through the zone. But The greatest takeaway of all is knowing that I am in safe hands, regardless of how exhausted or intoxicated one may be at the festival or parties. With Weekend two on the horizon, I hope you guys exercise your best judgement, stay hydrated and request a ride at all times! Please stay safe out there, but more importantly have fun this music festival season!

This post was written in partnership with Uber; however, all words and experiences are entirely my own. Can't make this jig up!