Going Down Under: Choosing Men's Underwear for All Body Types

Ph: Adrian C. Martin

Underwear has always been a touchy subject for me, literally. Personally, it goes deep due to my relatively small frame compared to mainstream advertisement in the form of billboards and the occasional Facebook ad. The whole process of finding the right type of underwear is not only daunting but outright demoralizing sometimes. Nowadays, with so many different brands, types and other factors to choose from, shopping for underwear can become a nightmare. In fact, choosing the right kind of underwear is not just about support and comfort anymore, and, as shown in an Examiner article once, “Men, just like women, are pressured to look their best in their birthday suit”

No need to fret - I am here to help you understand the various types of underwear and each of their unique pros and cons, so that you can easily know which will cater to your needs without compromising on your comfort or peace of mind.

Men's Boxers 

Boxers are definitely for men who prefer to feel free without constriction, boxers are a great choice. Being the most loose of all types of underwear, boxers are essentially small, loose pairs of pants made from light materials like cotton or synthetic fabric. This loose design ensures protection, but doesn’t offer support. However, if you enjoy wearing slim trousers or jeans, you don’t necessarily need such support. In addition, for those who don’t enjoy the revealing nature of slim, tight underwear, boxers are great since they hang loose and provide the coverage you need, without showing off too much. Many people also enjoy wearing boxers instead of pajamas to bed, because of how they offer protection as well as being breathable and cool on hot nights.  It’s perfect for those with dad-bods or feel a bit more self-conscious about their bodies. 

Men's Briefs

Briefs have been around for decades and is often heralded as the underwear of choice for most men. They are considered the original design in modern fashion as reinvented by the likes of Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. Designed after the long trouser-like undergarments of the old century, briefs have cut away with the unnecessary cloth and now simply cover the waist and sensitive areas. Briefs offer excellent support and protection, and are often utilized by those who enjoy physical activities. In addition, the tight-fitting nature makes them warmer, which is great for when it’s cold. Known also as Y-fronts, briefs are favored by many because they don’t snag on trousers or jeans and cause the ride up effect, which can get very uncomfortable when on stage, doing a presentation or, well, in any other situation really. As such, they are often the underwear of choice for men who enjoy slim-fitting clothes. 

Men's Boxer Briefs

Oh boxer briefs - you can have it all, after all. This beautiful amalgamation of two great styles is known as boxer briefs, and takes the best of both worlds – boxers and briefs – to create comfortable, supporting, breathable underwear that can go with almost any trousers. This type of underwear utilizes the supportive shape of briefs, while offering the loose breathability of boxers, to create a fit that is comfortable while never feeling too constrictive. You’ll want to find a balance between comfort, quality, and style. This is why, when purchasing underwear online, many men choose VK Nagrani’s designer boxer briefs for men, as they are not only comfortable and supportive, but highly sought after for their quality.

Choosing the Right Kind for Your Body

Now that there’s a basic understanding of what the primary three types of underwear are, you will be more prepared to make an informed decision next time you go underwear shopping. Because underwear is not just a mandatory article of clothing worn everyday, but actually a functional, often stylish accessory that ensure protection, support and comfort as you go about your day. Always choose the type of underwear that will best cater to your needs, regardless of your body size, shape or form. For example, if you are going to be wearing tight-fitting trousers and don’t want your underwear revealing through or bunching up underneath, then seamless briefs or boxer briefs are your best bet. Additionally, if you enjoy going commando and only wearing underwear at home or while you sleep, then you want boxers for freedom and breathability while you relax. 

As shared by Men Style Fashion, it’s always important to go for quality designer underwear if you truly want to enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above. This is because quality underwear ensures durability and long-lasting comfort and style. And while cheap underwear will get the job done, it may only last for a few weeks before getting holes, losing the snug feel and, ultimately, becoming just pieces of fabric between your pants and your skin.

So, as you can see, there is no definitive guide to sticking with one particular type of underwear — you simply need to make your decision based on what you need them for. This way, you can pick and choose precisely which one you want to wear with whichever outfit you want, and can choose the one that not only provides the comfort and support you need, but also one that gives you confidence in your body. 

And thats how you go down under the proper way — would you guys like to read more stories of this nature? I am hoping to make this a regular addition to the content you see here on MYBELONGING!