3 Investment Menswear Jackets for the Holidays


Tis the holiday season to dress and impress yourself. And others. 

With these sleigh-ing jackets from Acne Studios, Marks and Spencer and Opening Ceremony.

Throughout the course of one’s life, we’ll inevitably encounter many an article telling you what kinds of outerwear you’ll be needing this holiday season. Well, you guessed it. This is one of them. 

One of many. But bear with me as I try to make the case as to why the following three jackets are essential to your wardrobe, especially if you are someone who could care less about gender boundaries and what is currently trending right now. (Unless it’s about gun control — we need it and we need it now.)

As an adolescent youngin, I remember envying my peers who donned the latest fleece, shearling and denim jackets. I even found myself admiring a sturdy Eddie Bauer wind breaker. Gosh, I had no taste back then.

Fast forward to present me, I find myself in a constant rotation between three types of jackets that simply goes with every occasion and, arguably, weather condition. These are the types of jackets that will stand against the test of time and trends. And almost, always available at every budget. My recommendation, however, is that you keep it high-end for maximum closet longevity. This is one category of clothing where you truly get what you pay for. Also learned this the hard way when I was much, much younger, naive and tempted by a good deal. 

But I digress. Without further delay, here are three jackets you’ll need to sleigh the holiday attire game!


The Acne Studios Biker Leather Jacket

Whether its James Dean or your favorite celebrity coming down the red carpet, the biker leather jacket has penetrated deeply into the culture of menswear. My relationship with the leather jacket go way back — I got my first one in 2010, back when I was a freshly-minted college graduate. Now I own and currently rotate through at least 5 leather jackets across the different seasons. This jacket has become synonymous with cool, Angeleno meets Scandinavian style as well. It’s a staple that seemingly goes with everything you already own in your closet! Magic, I know. One could easily interchange between a simple white-tee to a statement knit in a matter of seconds. 


The Marks and Spencer Suede Jacket 

It's no secret that Marks and Spencer makes great investment pieces at price point that appeals to almost everyone. I fell in love with this suede jacket when I was shopping around last Fall and have worn it many times every since. Here I was parading around the corn fields of New Hope, PA, in hopes of recreating my own Jeepers Creepers and Stranger Things moments. Due to its classic silhouette, this suede jacket is incredibly versatile and provides sufficient warmth during cooler climates. I just love how baby soft the suede is to the touch, a sign of casual luxury at its best. 


The Opening Ceremony Varsity Bomber

If you're looking for the statement jacket of the holiday season, look no further. This bomber jacket, in traditional Opening Ceremony fashion, will make you simultaneously stand out and blend in at all your holiday parties with its contrasting suede and leather panels. I particularly abhorred varsity jackets for while as it reminded me too much of my high school years, but Opening Ceremony made a convert in me.  It also goes well with any Instagram-friendly situation you find yourself in, like the Museum of Ice Cream



What are your thoughts on holiday outerwear? Any go-to pieces you find yourself wearing and rotating through this joyous season?