The Best Gin & Tonic On-the-Go

The best gin & tonic,

Straight from Mini Bar Box. 

I am a bit of a mixologist snob. Wherever I go, I'm seeking out the best liqueurs and mixers to satisfy my cravings for an excellent cocktail. Although bars and lounges are usually plentiful at your next travel destination, that may not be the case when you are in between transit or up in the air. There are even times when hotels may not have your preferred top shelf liqueurs inside the mini bar. 

In my usual travel uniform and my MCM carry-on luggage

And at an airport lounge, too. 

The Citizen M Tower Hill hotel in London has an enclosed rooftop bar that feels just like a cozy loft -- the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail or two

That's where Mini Bar Box comes in, for those in-between, hectic travel moments when there's more frazzle than dazzle. I should know, because I travel often enough to encounter my fair share of delays and unforeseen obstacles. Being a gin person, I was delighted to find out that Mini Bar Delivery has packages containing a varietal favorite, The Botanist Gin


This exclusive Mini Bar Box set is only available on Norwegian airline flights!

And because you're all so special to me, here's a specific Gin cocktail recipe I want to share with all of you: 

  1. Pour a 1-2 shots (or more) of your favorite gin into a tall glass of ice.
  2. Spruce it with some dry botanicals or edible rose petals. Whatever you have around, as long as it complements the liqueur should work!
  3. Top it off with some tonic water. Stick to the good stuff, like Fever Tree.
  4. Stir, serve and sip!
That’s where Mini Bar Delivery comes in, for those in-between, hectic travel moments when there’s more frazzle than dazzle.

For all my weary travelers out there, now you know. What are some of your favorite cocktails on-the-go? Share your recipes down below!