Where the deep woods of Dover, Delaware and music festival vibes collide at Firefly Music Festival.

It's not everyday one experiences a music festival that's deep into the storied woods of Dover, Delaware.

Our Firefly journey began in Philly, the only major city an hour and half away from our final destination. We enjoyed a brief respite in the city of brotherly love before beginning our drive down.

What awaited us were long stretches of highways, divided into segments by annoying but inexpensive tolls, lush scenery and the occasional bridge sighting. The presence of city life quickly diminished half an hour in.


doesn’t really come to mind as a music festival town (it is, however, well known for its Nascar tournaments). In fact, I barely knew anything about the town or its history prior. But I can see why it can be appealing especially for those in the tri-state area. Gas prices and overall expenses on basic necessities, for one, are extremely inexpensive and make any urbanite immediately envious.

The next four days came with its fair share of surprises, from the stormy weather, muddy EDM tents to epic live performances from the likes of Clean BanditEchosmithOdeszaKygoZedd and, of course, Paul McCartney - the main headliner attraction.

Steve Aoki’s performance was so epic that it had to be rescheduled the next day!

Firefly’s lineup is distinct in that it is both eclectic and mainstream at the same time. There’s a bit of every genre to please the acoustically-inclined.

Perhaps, even more enjoyable than the live music was the wide open spaces and woodsy environments that made the festival come alive. The Treehouse sessions were truly unique and intimate - I am shocked that most music festivals don’t have a similar offering. Although the festival was filled to the brim with people, my claustrophobic fears were put at ease as I soaked in the natural ambience.

Full disclosure though - the food in and out of the festival left a lot to be desired. I tried both Red Lobster AND Waffle House for the very first time. Thankfully, the food in Philly - especially in the Chinatown area - are a godsend. Better fill up!

**Rain boots are also very much-needed in case of inclement weather.

All in all, thanks for the otherworldly experience in the woods, Firefly - there’s always a first time for everything. And of course to the amazing

Cupcake Vineyards team for allowing me to #TreatToday time and time again.

iPhone Photography by Tommy Lei

All others by Randy Tran Photography

Clothing and sunnies courtesy of DOPE + REM Eyewear