In two incredibly versatile outfits from International Concepts (INC)


I get this question a lot (whether it’s through my email inbox or Instagram DMs) - what inspires your style? Well, quite frankly, it’s very simple - I dress for myself, my mood and my various situations that materialize throughout the day. Nowadays that uniform comprises of a light, quilted jacket + graphic button-down shirt + adjustable joggers + trusty, comfortable sneaks. Basically, non-basic basics.

International Concepts (INC) quilted jacketcasual button-down shirt, and jogger pants


As the weekend approaches, I find myself winding down but that isn’t an excuse to stop dressing up for yourself. I like to lounge around in a tailored blazer that one could easily put on for a weekend brunch or a quick work session in the bedroom before and heading out to dinner the next second. And the blazer + shorts combo is a no-brainer given this heatwave we’ve been experiencing.

International Concepts (INC) slim-fit blazer and hybrid shorts

Luckily for me and you, International Concepts has a wide variety of quality apparel choices that fit within any budget range - so there's plenty of opportunities to recreate your own unique style whether it's on a weekday or weekend. I suggest you start your next sartorial journey hereSo what do you guys think - are you more of a weekday hustle or weekend chill?