Getting ready for the day shouldn’t be a burden. Rest easy with a minimal, functional outfit. The early bird gets the worm, as they say.

Even as the stifling heat descends upon summertime here in LA, I find it particularly difficult to resist a minimally casual ensemble on the go. This outfit, for me personally, calls for a pair of pleated but relaxed trousers. While shorts are obviously more of a comfortable choice in the heat, I prefer pants for days of unexpected meetings and chance dinner encounters. It’s a more suitable day to night look that doesn’t look too stuffy or thought-out. And these days, who has the time for that? Finishing off this look with

a pair of retro hi-top sneaks from PF Flyers

and a bomber jacket tied around the waist keeps the look simple but still fly enough when the occasion calls for it.

This would also be a great look while in transit, at the airport and on the plane…which I’ll be doing in approximately a few days from now. Where to? Take a wild guess (hint).