Just like that, the first inaugural New York Fashion Week: Men's (NYFWM) has come and gone. Many have disputed how it stands up to its formidable counterparts in London, Paris and Milan. In my eyes, I found it to be quite the earnest attempt at displaying what some American designers are capable of. There were many exciting motifs - both political and aesthetic - that were visibly seen on the runway and presentations, and it's about time that the American consumer be exposed to them in an open forum.


Unsurprisingly, CHAPTER presented a mixed-gender show with unisex-friendly silhouettes cut to precision delivered in a neatly minimalist package (a sprinkle dye was needed to break up the blacks, whites and blues).

Surprisingly, CADET included a female model wearing their military-inspired jumpsuit - a must-have for any season in my opinion.


The usage of blue as a primary color was predominantly pervasive this season. Newcomer GARCIAVELEZ's take on blue with experimental layering took my breath away. As did PERRY ELLIS' subdued blue/grey palette with plenty of high street flair and structural modernity that is very wearable.


Stylish men around the world know a cinched look is instantly chic - CADET took note of that and put it into practice with gorgeously-tailored results. CARLOS CAMPOS had a different idea in mind with a lighter belt sash that just gracefully draped with elegance.

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' - CWST, appropriately named after the infamous shores of the left coast, succinctly captures the relaxed and textured nature of California coastal vibes. Even in pictures, the collection comes off as very tactile and a palpable homage to the importance of West Coasters as a sartorial influence.



brought their signature athletic aesthetic and took it up a notch by producing pieces that one could easily skate, chill or throw down at a party with.

THE NEW HERITAGE - COACH has Gary Baseman to thank for this incredible collection. Right on the heels of their recent collaboration, another is being presented with psychedelic, safari prints on everything from lush leather jackets to plush backpacks and furry slides. At THOM BROWNE, everything he touched turned into pinstripes. Not that I am complaining. The traditional Japanese embroidery was such a heartfelt ode to his strong customer base in the long stretch of islands Far East. And is there such a thing as the new masculinity? I believe so - with the emergence of EPONYMOVS by HVRMINN. The all-black look had me jonesing for joy.

The bold safari prints are so beautiful and tactile.

The bold safari prints are so beautiful and tactile.


Perhaps a not-so-new phenomena that has been brewing across major social media platforms - both Instagram and Tumblr - have finally translated onto menswear presentations. Somewhere along the lines of Dynasty and a troupe of high fashion Power Rangers, both PLAC and KENNETH NING served some delicious garb with their own distinct squad.

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