Humidity-proofing is a thing, especially for the moist humidity in NYC during the summer months.

Day 1

G-STAR RAW zipper top and shadesACNE STUDIOS bermuda shortsANDROID HOMME x GE moon sneakersPEDRO SHOES leather backpack

Day 2

PRIDE CLOTHING long vestSIX CRISP DAYS jumpsuit, ADIDAS x JUUN.J velcro sneakersPEDRO SHOES leather backpack, TOM FORD shades

Day 3

PRIDE CLOTHING tank-top teeSIX CRISP DAYS overallsADIDAS x JUUN.J velcro sneakersPEDRO SHOES leather backpack, G-STAR RAW shades

Day 4

**INTER-PRET.US scuba vest3.PARADIS obi-topSAINT LAURENT leather sneakersILLESTEVA shades via DITTO (use the code 'MYBELONGING' to get one month free!) 

Unlike previous fashion weeks, my outfits became increasingly minimal and functional for the debut of NYFWM during one of the hottest months in NYC. (TBH - I don't know how most guys in their dapper 3 piece suits made it alive without passing out). It was very important for me to keep my outfits relatively light but layered, simple but interesting and functional but comfortably chic, because I have a tendency to walk around a lot when I am not on my Uber or Blacklane.

How do you guys think I did? Did I successfully defy the odds of humidity?

**Unfortunately, I had to hop on a flight back to LA so there was barely anytime to take a photo. This was the only shot of my outfit when I landed home the next day. 

PHOTOGRAPHY by Mens Fashion PostComplexRacked National Getty Images